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mmm. food.
pho, food
Is this a sausage McMuffin or what?
Due to Kama linking me to something called a "sausage sandwich" (seen to the right, hopefully), I am now craving a McMuffin.

Damn you, DAMN YOU.

Luckily, I am 8 blocks from a McDonald's, it's not horribly cold out, and I work from home. So I'm taking the computer, and the laptop, and I'm off to Micky-Ds for a breakfast sandwich that I will regret eating the second I finish it.

mmm. crappy mcdonald's food. Splurging on crap every now and then simply because I can is nice.

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The more i see that sausage thing the more hungry i am. DAMN YOU.

and now i also want maccy d's. And I was being good and trying to avoid those place. DAMN YOU AGAIN.

A McD's around here advertises free delivery (excludes tips :P), and there have been coupons in the amNY for "buy one get one free 6-pc chicken nuggets." Deliver it outside, I say. :P

(Deleted comment)

Nothing really wrong with them that I saw -- greasy, but I live in a house with a 4 and an 8 year old, grease is part of life.

(The McD's near us is really relatively upscale: clean, nice looking faux-stone tables. I actually don't mind being in the place, which is unusual for me.)

I hate McDonald's, but their breakfasts are damn good. I just don't eat them because they're so unhealthy. There is very little fast food that I eat regularly. The only one was Taco Bell, but there are none around campus, so I haven't eaten it since before school started. I like Arby's and Wendy's a lot, but don't eat either often. There's a Wendy's around here, but I haven't been. I fricken love White Castle, but I haven't eaten it in years and plan to continue this. It is fat shaped into food-like solids and colored accordingly. So bad for you. In conclusion, I'm not a big fast food buff, but that's merely for health reasons.

I had something very similar to the sausage sandwich last week when I made bratwurst but had forgot to buy the appropriate buns beforehand.

Yes, I could've just gone to the store . . . but they're best when they're just off the grill.

Without a doubt the most disgusting excuse for a sandwich I have seen all year. Pass the sprouts.

(Deleted comment)
It waas ridiculously cold out for a few days, but since tuesday, it's been about 55-65 from 9-4. Highs are going back down to 50 all next week, and rainy again, sadly, so i think this is the end of the comfortable weather, but for the time being, it's been beautiful, although not nice enough to go out without a coat still.

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