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I've been posting a number of friends only entries in the past 2-3 weeks -- something I haven't done regularly for more than a year and a half. I know that I have manyh people who read this journal who are not currently friended by it.

If you have an interest in being on my friends list, and I do not currently list you as a friend, please comment to this entry explaining who you are, how you know me, and why you have any interest. Commenting by no means gets you on -- some people are not listed as friends for very good reason. But at the same time, I have 80 people who friend me that I don't friend back, and some of them are people I have never talked to, to the best of my knowledge, and who I don't really know.

So, talk to me, baby. Tell me what I want to know, and we'll see where we can go from there.

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I'm Susan from catyak, but I can just read your locked posts over there if it comes to it.

I'm the girl lying bare breasted in bed next to you. We may have met once or twice.

Darn. I was going to do the whole "well, I suppose you might just possibly recognise me" thing, but there's just no way I could top that. Spoilsport.

Oh man, is THAT what we have to do to get on the list?

You make it sound so awful, Susan . . .

I'm on the other side of earth, and so are my breasts. I don't stand a chance!

Oh wait, here we go.

Hey. I'm that other guy named Chris. I lived at your place for two weeks and absorbed Communista culture firsthand. I've watched you play drunken DDR and GTA:San Andreas.

Hi! You may remember me from such events as LJ Abuse Does New Jersey, vol II! and #lj_abuse and, well, um. LJ Abuse! And possibly LJ Support. I don't know if I remember you from spr0t, actually, or just ab00se. I think I do, though.

Why am I interested? I'm interested because ... YOU'RE SPECIAL! Alternately, because I've met you, stayed in the same house with you, found you nifty (if scrawny! ;) EAT SOMETHING), and I geeks. I also jpallan, so we've got at least that in common.

*peers back at her comment* Clearly, I also caffeine.

I found your journal through Jess' journal. I don't believe in adding people to my friends list if I'm not interested in their writing, so I would feel weird asking you to let me read yours, but that's who I am, anyway.

I just added you, currently sitting across a table from you. Not offended if you don't reciprocate. Evidently we both got our LJ start the same way - but in totally different social groups...

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