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Your Task

Should you choose to accept it... (Currently for US citizens only)

Sign up for Ning.
Sign into Ning, after confirming your account (via email received)
Go to PeopleFinder.
Click Update location.
Type your address in, hit submit, and see if it works.

Some addresses work - 1628 Evergreen St., 60174 - while others that seem like they should, don't - 1628 Evergreen St., St. Charles, IL.

It uses -- so you can try your address at first.

Once you've done this, it will place a pointer on the map for you and add a link to the bottom: the general idea behind the app is that you can update your location from anywhere you can find an address (rather than requiring a GPS, thanks to Geocoder). I've built in token creation so you can associate even when not using a browser (ie, mobile phone). Half-written client already done for the phone - needs a Ning site update to work though.

Eventual goal: Be able to submit your current location, see others nearby, and get information about them.
Temporary Goal: Get it working, get some data in there to play with. Export the data ( according to the MeNow specification ( to make it a test case for that type of tool that I never really finished.

To keep up with my current posting pattern, I need to post 5 entries today. Should I do it?
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