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pho, food
Cleaning since 10am. Tasks included, so far, are:

* Removal of 3 bags of misc. crap from girls room. Broken guitar, misc. blocks, pieces of don't break the ice leftover from scattering.
* 8 loads of laundry and folding most of said laundry.
* Fixing light switch in bedroom to flip the right way (included 4 trips down two floors and up two floors, because i'm a moron)
* Complete and total cleaning of the girls "play" area (led to aforementioned 3 bags)
* Loading dishwasher twice
* Emptying once
* Cleaning up all the misc. crap that has made its way into the living room since we deep-cleaned it last week
* Attempting to clean some of the stuff that we had lying around in the bedroom, especially on my side of the bed. Only partly successful here.
* Making the girls beds with clean sheets.
* Attaching the bunk bed ladder to the bunk bed, finally
* Removing the mountains of clothing from everywhere in the house to the hamper, where we're down to only 2-3 loads of laundry left.

Earlier this week, I set up the stereo in my room (rather than downstairs), and given the check I've got coming in from consulting work soon, I paid off all the bills we had outstanding other than the two big credit card bills. I also finally bought Jess her birthday present: a 20 GB iPod. Should be here by the end of the week, which will be nice. (The others are simply too small, storage wise, and the 60GB is really past a price point for most consumers, imho.)

I'm exhausted... and I just realized that I never posted this, even though I started writing it at 9pm, and wrote another entry later. I was kind of expecting some comments on it, heh.

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I brake for domesticity.

Doesn't it feel good, all that decluttering? I need to do a major toy purge, too. Throwing away a puzzle one underfoot piece at a time is not the most efficient way to clean.

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