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When using initials, I typically go by CRS. When I was in fourth grade, and we used initials as a primary identifier (rather than names) on most papers, there were two "CS" people in my class. As a result, I was asked to switch to using CRS instead - something that stuck with me for a long time.

Most people who have seen stuff of mine online realize that although this is the case, I also have a "heavy metal" C and S as my favicon on my website, something I've been calling my "logo" for quite some time. (If you have an SVG viewer installed, you can also see a larger version via

This was built in reaction to some other students drawing initials for themselves on the bus windows in 8th grade: Those of us in double-advanced math took the bus over to the high school for math, and on the way home, in the winter, we all had our own seats (there were about 15 of us on a full school bus) so we basically did whatever we wanted. The initials were a retaliatory comeback to someone saying that they would be hard to write in the condensation on the glass, because of all the curves: I took this into account by removing the curves, resulting in the straight C and S in the "logo" of sorts.

The reason there is no R is twofold: First, fitting an R in there would just be hard. Secondly, at the time, first two initials were the only thin in question.

So, the logo that I commonly use was developed on the side of a bus, taking a group of the smartest kids in 8th Grade in St. Charles back from HIgh School to Middle School, in 1997.

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