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Smalley, the Dwarf Hamster
The other day, Kristan was at work and on IRC, and I was talking about how I was editing my style. (I added timezone support, and quickreply.)

Kristan's response was something along the lines of "Pfft. Who cares. What your style needs is dwarf hamsters. *Then* I'd care."

So I went out and got a Dwarf Hamster (image). He now sits in the upper right corner of my journal, looking down on me whenever I'm on a page in my style. His name is Small-ey, because he is small.

That is why, if you look at my journal, there is a dwarf hamster watching you.

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Yay! Hamsters!

(I'll refrain from inflicting the hamster dance on you)

Of course, what's needed now is a mascot-generating quizilla-type-thingy. Answer a bunch of questions, and get a random mascot to add to your journal.

(BTW, possible journal bug: when a page is short (e.g. the reply page), the tags list on the right gets cut off. Appears in IE6SP1 under Win2k)

Yeah, I've never figured out why that happens. In Safari/Firefox, the horizontal bar at the bottom cuts through it (in this case, right around verizon with the quick reply box open.)

But it works on longer pages (ie recent entries), and it's still *visible* below that, and I don't support IE on this journal.

And on design issues, it *is* my personal space, even if it isn't on other aspects, so I let others deal with it :)

Fair enough, which is why I said possible bug. There's nothing else that I can see with the page which could be considered a bug or glitch, so for a non-supported browser IE's doing a rather good job! Whether or not it's appearing as you intended in IE is another matter, of course. But I'm stubborn and still use IE, rather than the inferior FireFox :P

That's a beautiful hamster.

He's not as cute as the pair in my lab animal book that I happened to be looking at at that moment that day.

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