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Terminal.app is acting up. (Can't alt-tab to it, just get a beachball.) So I go to kill it in the dock. That doesn't work, so my next thought is "Hey, I'll just switch to a term and "killall Terminal"".

right. Because typing in a term doesn't require a working terminal... of course.

(Hey, it finally force quit. yay.)

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There's a process monitor app that lets you kill things too...

Had I thought of that, I probably would have thought to myself "Oh, I'll just open a term and open /Applications/Utilities/... crap."

I kind of live in a term.

All the machines here will allow ssh from the local subnet. My solution to locked-up desktops is to get in from another machine and kick things from there. If it's so badly screwed that local keyboard access and sshd refuse reasonable requests then it's the reset switch. All the Macs here have the root user enabled so I can ssh in and then su to root for particularly recalcitrant processes.


I usually don't run into problems that can't just be solved using force quit -- this one did eventually go away, it just took a while.

All my machines are set to allow SSH from anywhere, but that would have involved getting up and getting to another computer, although I'm sure my thought process would have started with "Well, I can just open aterm and ssh over to zeus..." or something similar.

Last resort, I usually just go to powerdown on the powerbook rather than trying to bother with SSH and so on.

I have several machines on a KVM switch so it's trivial to switch between them. The Linux box that I use for most things has a bunch of terminals ssh'ed to the other Linux boxes as standard so I can easily go do things on the other machines. They've got X forwarding enabled so they'll all pop up windows on the same machine if needed.


Assuming you thought to install X11, you could open a X-Term.

Re: Term-based solution

Except that my way of starting X usually ends up being "Open a terminal and type "startx"". I'm sure I could find a way to open X without that somewhere, but I don't know where off the top of my head.

Re: Term-based solution

use spotlight ;)

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