Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

How I spent my summer vaccation. or something.

Today, I had the house to myself for most of the day, shared in part with Jenn. Stumbled into interdicator. I started listening to audio scanners. I started transcribing scanners. 12 hours of my life later, it's 4am, I have done no work all day, I have a conference call in early afternoon, and all in all, I'm totally fucked.

My heart goes out, more than ever, to those in New Orleans right now. Those of you at the convention center, where "heavy criminal activity" was not a large enough problem that the guard was able to deal with it, I'm sorry. The police offers surrounded by armed civilians: I'm sorry. The hospital patients and doctors and nurses trapped in a dozen hospitals, doing things the best you can: I'm proud of you. The guardsmen, Police, and everyone else working out of there to try and get things done: Good luck.

I've been listening to the same guys on the radio all day. Defender 3, 5 and 6. Fuel Mobile 3, calling out for Fuel Mobile 1 or New Orleans EOC. Pelican jocc and pelican base. Colonel Santos, Larry at the state eoc. I've heard their voices, their cries for help, the desperation they feel.

Help. If you have money, give it. If you have skills, offer them. NoRescue is a great way to do that -- FEMA approved. if you can't do that, do something else. I don't care what you do, but do something.

I'll be working extra hours this weekend to make up for the time today I've spent trying to keep people informed. Those extra hours will be going right to the Red Cross. I hope that you can put some money aside for the same purpose: I hope that everyone can, and that your employers can. There's a lot of people there who are going to need a lot more help than they're going to get - we can *not* overfill the needs here today.

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