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Laptop Dead
Powerbook wireless is dead. It works for small things - pings, fetching small web pages, etc. But refuses to work on anything involving more than a few packets at a time. I can ssh, but I can't use anything involving curses-type interfaces (top, irssi, screen, vim, etc.) because as soon as I do, it simply hangs.

I have no idea what's up with it -- there's no indication of what happened, merely that it broke. I'm not sure what to do about it, other than take it to the Apple Store and beg them to fix it, and I *hate* people who don't know what their computers are doing wrong when taking them to a tech.

Bleh. This sucks. I also don't have any money to spend on equpiment to get my *other* computers up to snuff: mac mini, for example, is still sitting unused because I don't have cash to throw at wireless setup for it, so it's just quietly sitting behind the TV with no internet connection.

I hate it when my computer is broken. I think that I do everything on the server until I remember the half dozen little things that I keep locally and forget about. (In this case, I'm missing my aggregator: I just switched to NetNewsWire a few days ago, and now I'm remembering why I loved using LiveJournal.)

Maybe it'll work with a wire. Need to give that a shot.


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Is there anything I could do to help? Like, I don't know, grab you some file or data off a website that won't load for you and email it to you, anything like that?

About hating to go to a tech and not knowing what's wrong/hating people who do that: I can only speak for myself, but the people I hate who do that are the ones without clue about computers and don't bother to even try to figure out the simple things. You being you, I know darn well you've looked into every possibility you can think of, and probably a few you couldn't, and still came up empty. And so because of that, I think it's perfectly fine to go to the Apple Store - tell them all you've done, they'll smile kindly upon you, I should think.

Can you use Google search or not? What constitutes too big of a web page? No doubt if you can, you've already Googled all over the place, but if you can't... I'd be willing to tell you what I can find.

"too big" seems to be decreasing by the hour: now it's not even loading normal pages, which is nice, because it gives me something to show when I go in.

I haven't googled it, simply because I don't know what I'd google: "My internet connection doesn't work" doesn't provide a lot of specifics :) Even "My wireless connection doesn't work" is kinda iffy, because it points to all the people having router troubles and so on, which isn't me at all -- other computers on the network work, including other macs.

*shrug* I'll see what the Apple store says. They have a warranty to uphold, we'll see how they do.

I'd try googling the router name, model number, mac, and wireless - see if anyone else has had this problem.

When OS X 3.whateverthePantherdisksIhavegaveme wouldn't play nice with my external HD, I Googled Panther and external HD's and found out Panther/FireWire/certain HD firmware didn't get along. I upgrade to OS X 10.3.9 via software update, and things are fine now. So... you might be able to find something.

Good that it's still under warranty; let us know how the Apple Guys do! :)

Check your UTF(? the thing in the UK that made it so users couldn't post on LJ about a year ago) settings-- mine changed when I moved and made it so I had to alter them or I couldn't post more than a few lines at a time. Also a Powerbook with wireless.

Well, I don't even know what a UTF setting is, nor do I see anything obvious on how to set it - perhaps you're talking about the wireless channel the router is sitting on or something like that? In any case, since nothing has changed (in setup or anything else) so I don't think that'd really be it.

UTF(? the thing in the UK that made it so users couldn't post on LJ about a year ago) settings

Sounds vaguely like MTU.

I had forgotten the acronym but FAQ 165 came to the rescue.

wanna sell your mini mac?

Sure! $600. :)

Seriously, I like the machine for what it is, and once I get the neccesary equpiment, I'll be happy to have it where it is, I'm just frustrated that it's stuck where it is without a use. It makes a really great movie playing machine when I can get it working, and it runs the mp3s for the stereo too. I'm just cranky about not having the stuff together that I need yet.

I can get you the service manual if you like. Although, opening an AlBook isn't for the faint of heart. :)

The canonical first thing to do in a situation like this is to reapply the combo update. I suppose the card could be loose or the antenna connector could have come off the card, but that's unlikely, I've never seen that happen, ever.

Hey, I've got your tiger box sitting right here, can you zap your address to me just to confirm your current one? tdailey (at) gmail (dawt) com.

Nah, I'm still well covered under AppleCare, so I'll make it their problem first. Although I have a feeling they're going to be cranky at the keyboard being the wrong way (dvorak) again.

Something being wrong with the card seems unlikely, given 1. Nothing in the machine changed physically when it broke (I was using it fine, and all of a sudden it simply stopped working, while in my lap), 2. I can see other ethernet traffic flowing by without any lag or delays. But I don't trust non-wired comms any farther than I can throw them, so I could be totally wrong on any of it.

"Combo update"? I suppose you mean software update of some kind, but I'm not sure.

Like I said, I'm gonna have the apple store look at it first. We'll see where that gets me.

Address sent to your gmail.

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