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Food, Glorious Food
Trader Joe's Raisin Bran is vile. Discuss.

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Raisin Bran in general is vile. This is because it contains raisins. Eww.

And to think, I used to love you.

It's over. ALL OVER. Do you understand?

Can I keep the house? Or at least the internet connection? I like prunes and dried apricots! I can even eat craisins!

How can you not like raisins? This doesn't even make sense to me.

When I was little, i wouldn't eat anything my mother wouldn't eat. She
hated raisins. Therefore, I hate raisins. She can't swallow pills, so
I can't swallow pills. Same with mushrooms, licorice and pussy. I will

That got cut off. I will not eat anything my mother won't eat.

Because it's like eating petrified boogers?

Jason actually adores it and requests special trips way the heck out to Arlington Hts so I can buy it for him.


You act like Arlington Heights is on the other side of the world. :) We're just a short hop away!

If by "short hop" you mean "20 minutes in always-thick traffic" then I agree. :-p

bah, i spent many summers in maine. 2 hours might be a short hop. ;)

I agree with pezstar, Raisin Bran in general is gross.

I like raisins, I like bran flakes, I do not like the two together.

Your icon is awesome. It makes me want to regress.

David the Gnome is awesome :)

Who's Trader Joe and why is he making Raisin Bran? And why are you eating it?

Trader Joe is a friend of Aldi, who sells organics instead of bargain basement foods. (Have you met Aldi? He used to be a good friend of mine til I moved to the northeast.)

His raisin bran just has bad tasting bran, I think. This is why I don't want to eat it anymore, but someone bought it thinking it would be good, apparently.

Never even heard of Trader Joe's. Must be bad seeing as how it's RAISIN bran. *BLEH*

I love Raisin Bran! I haven't had any in a long time.

And I've never had any from Trader Joe's.

I now know that a craisin exists and what it is.

I do not know why.

You're on the East Coast now, honey. We have cranberries. We don't have many grapes.

Do you ever get into the city? I'd love to see your girls and see what sort of mischief they could create in conjunction with mine . . .

If, by that comment, you meant, "You no longer live in California, so you are now reduced to subsisting on dessicated produce for six months out of the year," please note that my fingers are in my ears. :P

We do get into the city -- September 14th is the next scheduled trip. I'd love to see you guys!

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