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today, life, kids
We all have things about our friends that make us slightly envious. Not in a bad way, but in a 'Wow! I wish I had that person's hair/eyes/money/relationship/toenails/whatever.' So tell me what about me makes you envy me (if there is such a thing).

Unlike my typical comment whoring ego-begging self, I'm actually quite happy with where I am right now. Some major employment stuff coming down the pike, fun fun stuff. Life is good, livredor is here, I'm thinking about writing a tech book, I'm back participating in a lot of social circles I ducked out of due to technical limitations which I've removed... life is just awesome.

Not to mention the house here. Although I'll admit that julie coloring on the walls and doors, Alicia constantly acting like it's more her job to parent than mine, my arms being scratched to shit from washing the cat julie tried to shampoo *again*, etc. are not the most fun things in the world... This house is doing better and better in my eyes. The kids are awesome, despite being hellions, and I frickin love them more every day.

We're cooking. For the first time in the year I've lived here, we've cooked real, awesome meals - lasagna, kielbasa and mashed potatoes, pastas... for the first time that I can even think of, everyone from the original commune ate dinner at the same time a couple nights ago, the same thing. Tacos, Rosemary chicken (oh my GOD, rosemary chicken. Pez, dear, I love you.) Kristan and Emmy and I sat around for a while and looked over cookbooks and supplies and rearranged the kitchen and figured out what we needed to buy to make *meals* and they bought it and we've been using it. I've been keeping out fruit for the girls, and they keep asking for more apples instead of more ice cream. We've eaten through a whole frickin watermelon that Kristan chopped up for us. We've all snacked and hugged and watched movies and played animal crossing and oh my god it's just so cool to see this shit work sometimes.

The place is a mess, but yesterday I cleaned up the second landing which has been a mess for weeks. I put away a full bookshelf of books (we need to get a bigger one to put there, but it's good for now) and hung up pictures of the girls in that hallway and and and it just looks so nice. I don't have to put my hands out to figure out what I'm going to trip on anymore: it's clear. Now to move on and do it for more places.

Oh, and the other day Kristan and I worked together and folded something like 4 baskets of laundry so everyone actually had clothes again.

Tonight, I grabbed a cute little penguin that was in the laundry and I waddled him around in people's faces all night. It made some people less emo.

We took liv to see downtown boston and ate at the Purple Shamrock and came home and chilled out and she met the commune and then we went out to some place outside harvard square to meet lynne/ursa for ice cream and then went to harvard bookstore. Kristan and I looked at Suicidegirls book and went "ooh pretty" then we each went to our standard reading material while everyone shopped, and it was kinda cool to just hang out in a bookstore and then jessie came and we all tried to fit on the little bench but didn't quite so I sat on laps instead. And all the while the penguin kept waddling.

And we came home and life is just... good. The house is a mess, but it's a group-created mess that I'm not going to fault or be upset about. This is the way we are, like it or not, and I do. It may not be clean, but it's cozy, and the people in it are pretty damn awesome.

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your patience. i want your patience. rather, i'd like to share your patience, because if i took it, i think i'd be a bit screwed.

Your youth. You're so young! Especially for where you are in life, and the role you play. Enjoy that.

Your description of all the food is making my mouth water.

Maybe think of it this way?

Rosemary chicken (oh my GOD, rosemary chicken. Pez, dear, I love you.)

Yes, I agree, the chicken absolutely rocked.

I'm glad life is good for you.

Remember me?



<3s so much!

Are you going to post about your time away? do you have an AIM name or anything?

Oh, I'm so glad you're back.

I've worried about you since I yelled at you as Chris's new girlfriend two years ago. You're alive and you made it out. Most important thing, y'know.

As you can tell by living together in the People's Republic of Cambridge, we stayed together. I'm starting at Wellesley now. Chris mentioned you were at Earlham -- a friend, finding_helena went there. Chris dropped out of UIUC and is now contracting here and doing pretty damn well for a 21 year old. Our two little girls are kicking ass (and they're definitely ours at this point -- the younger one is so like Chris it's scary, and they're both camwhores now) and taking names, I swear.

We adopted kittens together.

We live with a bunch of roomies in a big rowhouse.

We're basically your urban 20somethings with kids, relishing the ability to walk to the subway and find decent Indian food at 4 a.m. over finding parking spaces. Chris adores it here, far more than he did when we lived together in N.H.

I was really psyched to hear that you two are still together. He always seemed so happy when talking about you.

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