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Today we started learning how to bike on the new bike Alicia received for her birthday. It's her first non-coaster-brakes bike, and a practical quantum leap in size and difficulty in riding for her. It's a 24" Gary Fisher, for those of you who keep up with it. This bike will probably last her until she's in her teens, at least, and I'm very happy with the purchase.

She's gotten the hang of riding straight, and of doing turns around corners, but not so good at the brakes. She can stop, but she then can't get off, because the bike is just barely too tall for her to touch the ground from the seatpost - it's built that way and her feet come to the right place on the pedals, but it's not something she's used to. I missed paying attention to her for a split second at the end of our run today - she rode around the block while I ran alongside to ensure she didn't run into anything - and she fell over trying to stop. I felt really bad about it, but no major scrapes. We did some practice getting started on the bike, and on how to stop and turn, as well as learning that even if you're scared, you can't just not hit the brakes.

We also began creating a homepage for her,, purchased as a slightly late birthday gift for her. I found a pretty decent, free WYSIWYG editor (nvu) and got started asking her what she wanted to put on her page.

Her first thought was that she would just explain how she's got lots of fun games and postcards that you can print out and send if you like. (She went on with a list while I half paid attention for about 10 minutes.) I then pointed out that we don't *have* anything like that, and she would have to make them first. She kind of did an "Oh", and Jess came up with the idea of requesting postcards to scan and put on the site. So, if you'd like, you can send a postcard to Alicia (address on the website) and we'll put it up on her website. I've also got a couple pictures of her with a piece of artwork she did which I'll get up there with her once we get a chance.

What do you think an 8 year old should have on their website? What did you have at 8 years old? Was it anything special? What do you wish you had done, or are upset you haven't?
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