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One - what does everyone think of my new layout? I like it a fair amount, but i think it needs some tweaking - text colors mostly, and the sidebar could use some editing.

Two - To respond to something that wasn't even in this journal (i replied to a post in the journal of salleok)... Willy Wonka doesn't make you stupid. In fact, the moralistic ideals proposed by this movie are beyond striking - they are quite literally, fantastically amazing. to give back that gumball, when he thought it would be worth so much to him if he didn't... and look at his reward! This is definatly a case where the nice guy DIDN'T finish last ,and i love that. I think everyone should watch this movie. And I think sucking at Text Twist is completely attributable to other factors.

Three - I'd like to make an apology in advance for anyone i regularly converse with. I will be cranky/crabby until friday. Don't try and argue with me - you can't win. etc. etc. etc. Just let me stew in my juices, i'll get over it.

Four - Erin is an amazing friend. Most of you don't know her, nor will you ever hear much of her in here. But she is the most amazing friend anyone could ever have. She's sensitive, smart, caring... I wish I could say more, but she's really beyond description. She's been doing the STCE yearbook by herself for the past few weeks, and it's really taken it's toll on her, but she's still doing an amazing job with it. And for those of you who get the oppourtunity - read the LOTR field trip page. It is the most hilarious piece of "journalistic" writing I have ever seen.

Five - Long distance sucks. The last 2 nights while i've been over doing the index for the yearbook, derek has called erin and been describing his depressions and whatnot. it's really sad for me - because I know i'm probably going to be the same way. Thank goodness sarah isn't jealous at all, or i'd be really screwed.

I think that's it for now. Maybe i'll write a fate article later. For right now, i'm in a good mood, and i'm gonna stay that way.

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