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I got bank.
Opened a bank account in Cambridge today. Wainwright Bank -- their website makes me cry, but their branch office was quite nice. Their Search is broken, their site in general just drives me bat shit. If I didn't have a complete aversion to having anything to do with a bank, I'd probably try and covince someone to let me redo it. (Banks, more than any place else, have a lot of people who can get upset and try and sue me. Maybe I'll take on the risk after I incorporate, but not before.)

New communist moved in with us. Temporary: his room became unavailable, so he's just here until he can get back on his feet.

Another new communist tomorrow. Emilee, jess's ex-sister-in-law, will be moving in with us.

On wednesday, skrolnik is going to be in town.

So, on Wednesday night, there will be 9 of us living in a 4 bedroom house.

I remember when I thought that four bedrooms would always be big enough. I should have remembered that we tend to pick up strays. :p

I just burned water. I am teh awesome at cooking.

Very tired. Long day: up at 6:30 and driving Jess to work, watching kids all day. Need to relax and do some work - contract/previous employer - tonight. Also will be watching futurama: downloaded all 5 seasons as one gigantic torrent onto Athena. Learned that athena can upload at 2.0MBps. (Yes, capital B.) Share ratio on 13gb torrent when I stopped it was 1 down to 5 up.

Sent off first rent check today. Cried a little bit inside. Old bank did too, I'm sure.

Really love Jess. Really love all the communistas, but really love Jess especially.

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Who designed their website? A group of third graders? x_x

Holy shit. I must have disabled animated gifs somehow, because I totally expect that page to be infested with them.

Now I won't feel so bad at least. :P

wednesday i visit but don't sleep over. and i'm not skrolnik on here, yo.

and 4 bedrooms IS still enough. people just need to cuddle more

how did you manage to burn water?

Do they specialise in on-line accounts for kids? My immediate impression was that it was designed by a small child. On the bright side, at least they didn't have a flash intro...


Did the site get raped by Crayola or something?

Wow. Wainwright Bank's website really is god-awful!

Mind letting us know where that Futurama torrent is? I've bought two seasons from Amazon.com (they were $15 at the time), and I was thinking that it'd be nice to complete my collection. Only problem is, I can only seem find torrents for individual episodes, or the same complete season's that I've already got on DVD.

That comment was made by me, by the way.
I hate when I do that.

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