Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt


People are fun. I had forgotten what it's like to meet random new people online: I haven't done it in a long time, and I'm kind of just grabbing random people that Kristan is talking to and talking to them as well.

There's a lot of really nifty people out there that I haven't yet met. But there's also a lot of people who I wouldn't spend the time of day on. I wish there was a way to only find people from the first category, but it seems like even if people aren't being deliberately obtuse, there's no way to even begin to filter out the people who think they would get along with you then later don't.

I'm in a large enough geek-centric area, and have enough local contacts, that I'm sure I'll meet some new people. I don't even consider that a problem, given that I have a big-enough crowd around most of the time these days. But how can I branch across social circles, meeting people I wouldn't otherwise, without having a clue where to start?

How can you know who is actually looking for new people to hang out with? Not everyone who'd be willing to chat is going to put out a personal's ad: some of them do, but most of them probably don't. There's no need, and it attracts the wrong kind of attention most of the time.

How can I find some crossover animation/computer geek that I might not have otherwise known? I can meet friends in the web standards world: I know enough of them in and around the W3 that I could probably get to gatherings of such. But what about those people outside the well known social circles?

Ponder ponder.

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