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The Good Life
This is nice.

Air conditioned, silent bus with comfortable seats taking me from a t stop 10-15 minutes from my house to 3 blocks from where I work? That's a good deal.

Sadly, I can't say that it's cheap enough to do on a regular basis: Round trip gas in the Jetta (which gets about 40mpg on the commuter run, according to the 500mi tank I finished off yesterday) is only about $5, and a roune trip ticket on Concord Trailways is about $20. Also, it's not a commuter line, so I highly doubt that gettign there on time is the highest priority.

However, for the occasional "I'm too tired to drive, and I need to get some work done this morning" trip, this is wonderful.

Going to be spending some time with Jess's parents this weekend. Jess's niece Kirstie is in town: sweet kid, definitely like her, we took her to Fire and Ice earlier this week. (Wednesday, I think. I'm really tired and out of it.)

It's also time slike these when I absolutely adore my ability to connect to my phone and get online. It may not be speedy, but it's letting me get work done, and that's pretty awesome, imho.

oh! Simon's Rock College reunion for Jess is soon. I'm totally looking forward to it: as silly as it seems, for some reason I fell in love with that campus when we visited Allyson there. I love pretty much everything about it, and I'm looking forward to visiting with Jess again.

xxv's party is tomorrow night. Hopefully we'll be able to make some of it: requires babsitter of some kind, not sure what Kristan or Jenn are up to that would/would not allow them to help out.

I just have to say again that I love, absolutely *love*, this bus.

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You are aware that the reunion isn't on campus, yes? :P

Despite supposively not being a commuter line, the Concord Trailways busses almost always arrive and depart in a timely manner.... Surprisingly enough, estimated arrival time is often times early! (At least, that's been my experience taking the bus to and from Boston from Concord). I recall taking the bus from Concord to Boston one Saturday morning.... There were two busses that left at 9, one stops in Manchester the other doesn't.... and I caught the one that didn't.... and estimated arrival time was 10:20, but we made it to South Station by 10 AM. An hour. From Concord to Boston. That's damn good time. But yeah, Concord Trailways is generally excellent in the department of timeliness. Unfortunately it's expensivish because most people don't commute from Boston to NH. ;)

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