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I'm about to break, I think. I'm basically working two jobs at this point, as well as still spending time with family, girlfriend, kids, cleaning up house, helping get food (although I haven't been making much lately), etc. The hour long commute seems longer every day (and today it actually was: I spent 3 minutes stopped at the 93/293 junction due to the damn construction) and all in all, I think I'm about to snap in half.

Wireless last night was too flakey for me to get anything done, I'm behind on a project that was due a month ago, and I just want to take a nap.

14 days left.

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Wow, from what I read before, I thought your commmute must've been much longer than an hour! In the DC-area, an hour is pretty standard.

Going Manch to Boston is 3: I'm commuting from the City out. (Something like a DC->Virginia commute would be, I guess.)

Things don't get a *whole* lot longer that heading out, but going in, you're looking at hours: Rush hour goes from 6am-10am and 4pm-7:30pm.



Don't snap in half; it would probably hurt.

Just concentrate on the end date and the fact that there is an end in sight. Back in January I was driving to work each day counting down the trips until I was free of the journey. Much less stressful commute with the new job, although it's somewhat irritating to find a small village with two sets of temporary traffic lights and roadworks to interfere with the journey (probably adding at most a minute each).


Tell me what to do to make it easier.

Make sure you are getting enough sleep. I say this more seriously than it might seem, but sleep is so so important and it's usually the first thing to go. Make sure you give it a very high priority. Also, make sure you are eating enough and a good multivitamin would be awesome every morning.

I know it might seem silly in such a hectic time to just basically be saying sleep, eat well, and take your vitamins, but doing those things will help you feel better able to cope AND it will keep all this from making you very sick.

Hope everything eases up soon. *hugs*

In 14 days, do you leave the hour-commute job for something else? What happens then? Why are you working 2 jobs?

He's looking for local work, which shouldn't be hard to find, and he's contracting now.

You are a loser.

How's the weather in Florida?

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