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Today, I learned how to get out of Cambridge. It's less than 10 minutes to get out, and I made it to wedü in under an hour from the time I sat down in the car. (6:30 to 7:30.)

Yes, I was speeding the whole way. Yes, I was driving a box on wheels (94 Ford Aerostar). Yes, I am fucking exhausted due to being up too late last night.

Commuting sucks, but at least it's not really that bad of a run. I'll probably have to leave at about 7 to get out on time, but at least it's not the 3-4 hour commute that some people have going the other way.

Van is almost empty on gas, so I need to fill it before it goes far.

I did meet a whole bunch of people from foonet/#pugglewump, including xxv who I have been meaning to meet for many months. We did see very awesome fireworks from four-speed-of-sound seconds away. Julie wasn't even very scared. I am amazed at how big commune gatherings can quickly get: 6 communistas, Jason and Emily, one of Pez's boys, nostrademons, then Xavier, Tina, qsarahz (q and z silent), Mercutio and 2 other names I can't remember, followed by Alli(e?), Dan, and someone else on a bike. Our small group of 6 turned to 8 turned to 10 turned to 16 turned to 19 - with relatively little effort. Xavier also saw the commune 2.0, and the commune1.0 finally did get completely cleaned out - just stopping by to get the vaccum cleaner today before we go home.

I did have a good night.

I do live in Cambridge now, and I love it. I'm just really fricking tired.

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And, of course, I flew into the office from Salem to Cambridge in about 45min. People must be on vacation this week.

There was definitely a lot of traffic heading south when I was heading north: I think that the reverse commute is really the only reason I am going to be able to do this for the next month (at which point I'll be getting a new job.)

Now that I've moved, that's the next thing on the list: soliticing people who have large sums of money and want to give it to me. Well, right after getting internet set up at the house.

Speaking of which, I emailed you a lead for a semantic-web oriented programming job for Harvard Medical a month or so ago. Are you still interested?

Yeah, I'll drop you a reply email with a resume and so on later today: I've had it in the back of my mind, just haven't had a free second to think.

You'll have to come visit the original Cambridge someday... Granted a charter by King John in 1201. I have vague recollection of a carved stone on a wall somewhere, possibly near Harvard Square, explaining that they were naming the place after this one, dated about 1634.


Any word on telecommuting to work to cut down on having to drive in?

I may fight for it more as the time comes that I don't need to be here, but right now I'm still doing a lot of client interaction: really, a large chunk of my job is dealing with the clients and stuff like that. Add to that the fact that the house is still not unpacked, so I have no place to be to work, and you've got a situation that doesn't lend itself to the telecommute well.

It's only another month, and I'd rather not rock the boat, especially since they're mentioning the idea of me doing contract work for them after I leave.

my commute, between house-to-train, train-to-station, station-to-office, is two hours. i sneeze at your hour; i heap scorn upon it.

that being said, drive safe.

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