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Today, I learned how to get out of Cambridge. It's less than 10 minutes to get out, and I made it to wedü in under an hour from the time I sat down in the car. (6:30 to 7:30.)

Yes, I was speeding the whole way. Yes, I was driving a box on wheels (94 Ford Aerostar). Yes, I am fucking exhausted due to being up too late last night.

Commuting sucks, but at least it's not really that bad of a run. I'll probably have to leave at about 7 to get out on time, but at least it's not the 3-4 hour commute that some people have going the other way.

Van is almost empty on gas, so I need to fill it before it goes far.

I did meet a whole bunch of people from foonet/#pugglewump, including xxv who I have been meaning to meet for many months. We did see very awesome fireworks from four-speed-of-sound seconds away. Julie wasn't even very scared. I am amazed at how big commune gatherings can quickly get: 6 communistas, Jason and Emily, one of Pez's boys, nostrademons, then Xavier, Tina, qsarahz (q and z silent), Mercutio and 2 other names I can't remember, followed by Alli(e?), Dan, and someone else on a bike. Our small group of 6 turned to 8 turned to 10 turned to 16 turned to 19 - with relatively little effort. Xavier also saw the commune 2.0, and the commune1.0 finally did get completely cleaned out - just stopping by to get the vaccum cleaner today before we go home.

I did have a good night.

I do live in Cambridge now, and I love it. I'm just really fricking tired.
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