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Trader Joe's is plus plus on the whole "hippie loving organic foods for cheap" scale. Thanks to ursamajor for helping Jess get there, as it will save our wallets for a while.

Kitchen is completely unpacked, although there is one more thing of dishes up at the condo that needs to come down. Brought down a completely packed vanload of shit which will be unloaded in the morning. Found cherries at 1.89 a pound (instead of $6+). Learned that Vodka is only to be purchased in NH unless absolutely neccesary.

Had barbacue with Jess's parents. Still limping along with internet access mostly from the cell phone. (Yay Dialup rates. So glad I have unlimited GPRS: Have already used more than 10 MB this weekend.)

Boxes all got put in the right rooms up until now, but we'll be moving a lot more boxes in tomorrow, so we'll see how it goes.

Earlier, talked to Jess before she got to the house, got a straight plan, everything happy: she walked from outside to inside and practically had a panic attack. Combined with various things we were packing attacking kristan, I am utterly and completely convinced that the house is evil. Period. The place needs a cleaning service and a good feng shui artist before I'd ever want to touch it again: We have to go in one more time, but it's going to be a very quick trip relatively speaking, with very definite goals.

Last night, navigated through chunk of downtown cambridge: realized tonight that I knew exactly where I was, I just didn't recognize it. I actually drove by someplace I had interviewed for a job without having a clue. Hooray for reversing directions, and things being dark.

I am fucking exhausted. Let us be done very very soon please.
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