Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Welcome Home

Left work at 4:30. Got Jess, did some last minute packing of a vanload of stuff, shipped out.

Stopped by Jason's: for the first time since I have known him, his place was clean. I mean, shit was put away, no dirty dishes, and his new girlfriend was making a wholesome meal for him on the stove. She even offered us something to drink when we walked in. I don't know what she's done to him, but lately, everything seems to be looking up for him, and I hope it continues: He's a great guy, and the girls could use a guy like him around.

Went and saw the girls (they're staying with grandma tonight): was told I looked "about 14" by a relative of Jess's she hasn't met since she was two. Said goodbyes, came to Cambridge and started unloading the van.

As we got here, we noticed that we already had a sidewalk violation: $30. Hooray. The truck was too far out.

Unpacked some stuff: Kristan and Jenn had mostly done the kitchen, so we went on to exploring the house. Discovered the movers did a piss poor job of unpacking, and had not put together any furniture like they were supposed to. Jess got upset, I kept unpacking. She got to work on moving stuff into place in our bedroom, only to have a bookcase slam down on her foot. That put her to rest for a bit. I kept unpacking the Van after getting her an ice bag.

Kristan and Jenn returned from meeting one of Jenn's boys. I finished unpacking the Van, then we tried to figure out how to get to Alewife from Erie St. It didn't look too hard: take mass ave around a rotary-like thing, hop on 2 west, then right on concord. 3.8 miles, 8 minutes.

Except for the part that the rotary like thing is possibly more confusion than most other stretches I've seen. Ended up going the wrong way, trying to get back, and ending up reversing completely. Called Kristna (we had the truck and van) and told her to stay on my tail, we were going to pull a loop and try it again. Tried again, got even more lost, but on a whim, took a right instead of doing another loop: and ended up being right. Evenutally ran into 16, at which point we both breathed a sigh of relief, knowing we were close. Navigated to Alewife, took the T back, had a good conversation with Kristan on the way back walking. (We're about 6 short blocks from Central Square.)

Came back, moved onto unpacking. Tried getting box spring for queen bed up the stairs: absolutely no go. (tried many ways, and I typically do pretty good at this kind of stuff. Can we do something else? two twin bedsprings?) Jenn and jess headed towards sleep, I started unpacking with Kristan. Found that we have way too much stuff, especially in the kitchen. Walking into the house is now possible though, and the unpacked pile is starting to look good. Installed an A/C in the girls room (ghettorigged at the moment). Small Room + Brand New AC == Very nice temperatures.

Full pictures once we get a bit more unpacked will be posted to flickr.

Internet Survey:

Third floor: wireless network default, no password, but no DHCP. Can't get any traffic.
Second Floor: Same
First Floor: Medieval (Getting the food out of their potlock....

Okay, I just typed "getting the food out of their potlock when describing internet. Suffice to say, everything is broken or locked, so, Resorting to phone internet, so don't expect high response to me///

Bedtime. Nini.

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