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Missing Kitty
So, we've moving to Cambridge today. The movers have already left the house with all the furniture, leaving Jess behind to pack up the leftovers. (I'll be going home over lunch to help her out with that.)

In the process of the movers moving stuff around, we apparently lost Tony. Tony is the cute almost one year old kitty who licked my eyelid to wake me up this morning.

I hope to God he's okay: He has never wandered very far before. I worry that he's not: We live by two relatively busy streets, and we've lost two cats to traffic in that house already.

Keep him, and the Commune, in your thoughts as we move into the Commune 2.0, in Cambridge, MA this weekend.

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That super blows.. I dont' even know what I'd do if I lost one of my pets. I'm constantly worried about Beaker getting out (moreso then Doozer.. he was a stray for 9 years and he's smart. Beaker, while very cute and a great cat, is dumb as a stump).

There's hope, even if he did get loose. When I was living up there at Cypress Court I used to see a cat all the time that used to come by the aptartments so that cat did okay..

I hope you find him..

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