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Missing Kitty
So, we've moving to Cambridge today. The movers have already left the house with all the furniture, leaving Jess behind to pack up the leftovers. (I'll be going home over lunch to help her out with that.)

In the process of the movers moving stuff around, we apparently lost Tony. Tony is the cute almost one year old kitty who licked my eyelid to wake me up this morning.

I hope to God he's okay: He has never wandered very far before. I worry that he's not: We live by two relatively busy streets, and we've lost two cats to traffic in that house already.

Keep him, and the Commune, in your thoughts as we move into the Commune 2.0, in Cambridge, MA this weekend.

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I can't stop crying and I can barely move, I'm so incredibly distraught. I want my kitties. I already lost Sunna this week. :(

Here's hoping and wishing and sending all my good cat vibes that he comes home soon. Having had Timmy recently go missing for three weeks, I know the agony it can cause, and well, since you're moving, this is about the worst time for such a thing to happen.

Also, let me tell you a little story: When I was a kid/teen, we always went to our house in Maine for the summers and came back to MA or RI in the fall. Once, as we were leaving for the fall, my cat, Sneakers, broke out of the car and ran into the woods. I ran after her, but all I found was her harness and leash (good thing she got out of that!) and mom called me and we had to go. I was obviously upset, but we were returning the next week, after all. I tried to get her to wait, but no... we had school, etc.

When we returned the following week (Dad had stayed behind; his school (college) always started later than ours did) Dad said Sneakers had not showed up. But while I was sitting in the house, reading, and my folks were out doing whatever, I heard a familiar chirrup at the door and there she was.

Don't lose hope; if, God forbid, you can't find her and you have to leave (I hope that doesn't happen!) return later that day or as soon as you can. Tell your neighbors to be on the lookout, too, and anyone else you can think of. Put up flyers. See if one of your friends would be willing to stay at the house (unless someone's moving in right away; if that's the case, tell them) to see if he comes back. Maybe one of you can stay a few days? Leave food and water out. Call the local shelters and/or animal officer.

Return as often as you can, too. And above all, don't give up or lose hope. Cats are very resourceful; moreso, I think, than most people give them credit for. Ask in spo_prevention or someplace like that to see if I'm forgetting anything.

What happened to Sunna? I remember something recently, but not the specifics. I'm going to hope she's okay, too; and my guys send good vies to yours, too!

Don't lose hope.

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