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If a table cell is created, but has no content, is it really there?

If a rendering engine doesn't display a border, but no one can tell, does it really matter?

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Can I have your babies?

deep. very deep.

sadly enough, similiar issues are screwing up my S2 style >.<

p.s. congrats on the move! that rent is amazing though O_o

As much as it pains me to advise it, &nbsp; is your friend.

print "<td>";
if ($content) print $content;
else print "&nbsp;";
print "</td>";

Only if someone is there to hear it make a sound.



Yes it does matter!
    How dare u make such an acusation!

I know u were probably just writing that for the satire/whateveritis value, but I thought that I say that for all of those people obsessed with HTML and other computer languages.*cough*(not me. of course not)*cough*
And I would have to agree that   is one of a HTMLers best friends.
Just though I'd say that,

&  is one of the worst things that I think has ever been agreed upon as a standard. You're turning presentational data (Put a space here) into content - always a bad thing.

There are many cases where it is useful, but that is usually due to the lack of support for CSS or other things in browsers. I can't imagine that someone would actually think that non-breaking spaces were a good thing in general. That's like claiming that spacer .gifs are good things. *shudder*

I spend 8-10 hours a day, sometimes more, staring at HTML, PHP, Python, and any number of other programming languages. I may not neccesarily be obsessed, but I think I have a relatively good knowledge of things like this.

The fact that you used broken HTML to comment at me, including a style of font tag that has been frowned upon by most modern web developers for several years tells me a lot more than the text of your comment. Mixing Presentation and Content is bad, mmmkay?

Actually, I find the whole area of "existence" when it comes to computers to be really interesting. If there is some data on a disk but nobody is looking at it, does that information really exist or is it only there in potentia? Can a specific pattern of magnetisation really be said to be, for instance, a photo of a sheep? Is there any independant existance of such things outside of observation? I don't know.

Certainly data stored in computers - hard drives, optical disks, whatever - is only in existence as a manifestation of a particular way of representing that data. A bunch of bits on a hard drive isn't a photo of a sheep, but merely a representation of an electronic representation of a sheep.

I don't think anything stored electronically exists. There is a representation of a specific set of information which can be described in certain ways, but these representations don't have to "exist". The only meaning is through its observation.

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