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Commune Management
What do you do when you have 4 internet addicts living in a household and need to manage household tasks?

You create a LiveJournal community.

communistas is a community for management of commune activities. Membership is limited to those of us who live in the house, but if you're interested in participating in commune activities, you can add it to your friends list and watch entries as they go by.

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Dude, I can't believe such a fantastic name wasn't already taken. *so, so jealous*

I really like your idea of an LJ for those you live with. Liked it so much in fact that I created one for me and my two roomies, so we can communicate, since we have vastly different work schedules. Thanks, Guys! You rock!

The first thing I thought of was a community I had seen for a multiple system which they used to communicate and coordinate between the various people involved. I guess the idea is similar.

If I ever make it out to the US again, I want to come and visit the commune.

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