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omg tagz!!11
I am amused that after years of saying that they'd get around to it someday, LiveJournal Developers finally implemented something that's kind of like categories, only without the good aspects.

Too bad they didn't implement this 8 months ago, I might not have switched to Wordpress for the recording of anything I consider worth reading. I suppose the question is what I do now...

If it were possible to only have people read a specific tag (including RSS feeds of it) in their aggregators... Right now it basically only serves as a hackish categorization system for reading the latest entries on a user's journal, but doesn't (as far as I can tell) export RSS or allow you to only friend those specific tags, that might be worthwhile. (PlanetRDF, for example, only sees my SemWeb posts, where PlanetMobile only sees my mobile posts.) Hopefully in some future permutation, we'll see this.

omg tagz.

(I wrote this last night, when I thought tags were actually going to go live. So much for doing things on time. I guess that's LiveJournal time for you...)

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I used tags in my latest entry. Nothing Earth-shattering, but... could be useful. One of my first thoughts was, oh, neat! Now I can go and make a tag for filters, because something I've long wanted is a way to view on my entries which entries are in whih filter - without having to say so in the entry, exactly - and to view my journal by those filters.

I'm sure that the tags will be bettered and played with in the future - and I was thinking earlier today, actually, that this seemed like the sort of thing you might like - I remember your enthusiasm for new gadgets when we were in Support together, and that's something I really like about you - your enthusiasm for new projects and new code. Sometimes I miss Support. Sometimes. ;)

Yeah... I wondered why they didn't do that. It's so much easier than posting, then making the post a memory.

People on my Friends list are already getting annoying with them, but I think they're nifty. I'm undecided on whether or not I'll use them. Probably not, but we'll see.

You should take every entry "cute guy in glasses." Or, more to my liking, "cute guy with no glasses." I'd like that.

Hrm - does it even let you look at all the posts on LJ with a particular tag?

.. so what are they for? isn't that just like adding the entry to a memories category?

The way they've done it so far - yes, pretty much, except you can see all my entries in a specific category at once, instead of one at a time. So if I post 10 entries in "tech", you can see them all, rather than just opening them each up. (They're also better integrated with S2, something I've wanted for memories since forever.)

If they ever get around to it, there are a number of other benefits:
1. Global tags. Who else is posting using the "tech" or "RDF" tags?
2. friend-by-tags. Only show me the entries a person has tagged "tech" or "RDF".
3. Friends Group by tags. Only memebers of the "Boston" group can read posts tagged "Boston".

Stuff like that would make it cool. Now it just kind of sucks.

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