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(no subject)
How far is it from Orthanc to the argonath? It seems like the Urukai get there in one day... but it also seems like it's a LONG way....

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It's not very far. You can go from Orthanc through Rohan to the Falls of Rauros, where the Argonath is. The fellowship went from Rivendell to Moria and through Lorien, before using the boats to travel down the Anduin. Also in the movie, Gandalf says that the Uruk-hai are capable of traveling faster.

I see. I knew the Uruk-hai were capable of travelling faster - but it seemed like what took the fellowship weeks took the uruk-hai a day. and that was confusing. ;)

Thanks! i should have just pulled out a map I suppose....
How exactly did the riders get through Rohan unhindered though? on the return trip, they get in a huge fight, and lose...

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