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Leaving for BOS
Leaving for Logan Airport now, plane departs at 7:00PM, AA Flight 197. (Or was it 194...?)

Arriving in San Francisco at 10:30 Local time.

If you want to do anything this weekend, lemme know! 603.264.2294.

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What is a External FOAF URL??? I have yet to grasp what this is and what it's for. Being a webmonkey, pretend for a minute, that I'm your random little cousin asking about it. As I'll need just as much detail. Thanks!

Oh, and before I leave, I'd just like to state that you're hott!!

FOAF is an XML file format to descrbie who you are and who you know. LiveJournal creates one of these files for each user (for example, http://crschmidt.livejournal.com/data/foaf), but it's possible that you might have a file on another service, or one elsewhere that you've created yourself, and the External FOAF URL allows you to modify the XML file to point to that one instead.

For more on FOAF, check out <a href="http://foaf-project.org'>the FOAF Project</a>.

XML: eXtensible Markup Language

You'd probably do better offering to get drunk with him.

Anyway, he explained it. It's just a geeky thing that most people won't use, and those that do use it think everyone should have one.

I've been his girlfriend for two years and I still have yet to do any external FOAF or RDF stuff. It's allowable. :)

Sweet! I'd probably go for the getting drunk thing, but I don't drink, well not enough to get drunk. j/k, I have a STRICT policy of not moving in on other people's guys. It was more a compliment, not an invitation.

I'm still fuzzy on it. I'm not much of a computer person, but I know bits of pieces of some html, and some css, not enough to do much, but I figure this is somehow in the ballpark, which intrigues me. --once something intrigues me, I can't just let it go, not knowing more.

I think it's awesome that you two've made it to 2 years!! The most I've managed was 4 months. 4 happy months, mind you, but just 4 months. Congratulations on surviving!! Kudos to you!!

I didn't even realize you were under 21. :) I'm not worried about it -- everyone knows Chris is hot. ;)

2 years will come later. I think I'd've been happy with 4 months straight when I was sixteen or seventeen. :)

17, yeah I was pretty happy, one of those cloud 9 kinda things. ^.^

hm.. I don't know what else to say really.. back to neopets then!

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