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First of the month again?
Happy Mailman Day, everyone!

I've got 7 reminders so far, and I know that I'm going to get at least one more (spreadfirefox.com always comes late).

I just realized that LJ's lists never send me reminders: I'm on memcached, perlbal, mogilefs, yadis, and I don't remember ever getting a notification on any of them. I guess they have that off. Kind of sad.

How many reminders will you get today?

For those of you who don't have a clue what I'm talking about: The "Mailman" mailing list management software sends a monthly reminder of the lists you're a member of, on the first of the month. So most geeks wake up in the morning with a handful of "domainname mailing list memberships reminder" emails on Mailman Day, aka the first of every month.

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Happy Mailman Day, everyone!

Haha, that just made my day ;) I've gotten 3 or 4, but SF is kind of late today. Drupal's lists have it turned off as well.

They also send whatever random passwords they've thought up for you as well. I can see why jwz ranted about mailman.

Well, only one of mine is a random password: Anything I've signed up for myself is a password I've chosen, and I always use the same (completely insecure) password.

I think that having the password right there is way useful, for when you want to go unsubscribe from something. You've got a link, an email, and a password: that's the perfect time to unsubscribe.

jwz's rants oftentimes don't really agree with what I feel: He's entirely too negative, and too "The worldview I have is the only worldview that matters": Almost everything mailiman does makes sense to me, and many other users. The fact that it's not what he expects doesn't seem to me to mean that the way he expects is right or wrong.

Every mailing list installation does things differently: the only reason that the misbehaviors of mailman are considered more heineous than other mailing list packages is because it's popular enough that people notice the problems with it, imho.

Then again, maybe I'm just used to the inadequacies of mailman, in the same way I am to LiveJournal's long list of deficiencies.

Fair enough. I do agree with some of jwz's rants tho - the last time I tried a Linux install I managed to impressively fuck up the X server (as in I somehow locked it to 320x240). Then again, that was a few years ago and when I tried Knoppix a few weeks ago it happily ran my GeForce 4 at something sensible. I was nearly converted to Linux... until I ended up attempting to use a floppy disk and walked into the mess that is Linux and removeable storage. (that, and I'm a VB6/windows programmer and I like my games).

I'll grant that mailman is mostly a matter of taste - the first mailing list I used was based around majordomo or something like that, and was very easy to drive entirely through e-mail. Each to their own.

I miss Majordomo lists.

Two, both for lists that have been dead for years.

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