Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing will eat my brain.

Total time the game has not been being played (while any of us were awake) in the past 3 days is approximately 6 hours. And two of those were while we were watching Rob Roy.

Jess has a list of fish and when their peak times are. I have a feeling that I'm going to be totally obsessive and try and catch every single one even more so than before.

The Mac Mini is (finally) hooked up to the TV. I started watching Wedding Singer while cleaning the upstairs. The quality is a lot better than I'd expected it to be, since it's pretty much too blurry to read text. With Overscan on, it's definitely not visibly different from watching DVDs, other than the occasionally obvious MPEG encoding flaws.

I went to Hampton Beach last night. I like that place: I love staring at the ocean at night and just realizing how gigantic it is.

I took the picture for the usericon on this post in June of 2003. I'm still as happy with my relationship today as I was the day I took it: the day I met Jess.

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