Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Moving to Cambridge

We just got word earlier this evening that we will be moving into the apartment that we were all looking at and loving, which has been referred to as the "OMG HOT SEXXOR APARTMENT".

There is a copy of the craigslist listing available. It was deleted off Craigslist: What everyone has told me is that it's just as pretty as it looks there: in other words, beautiful.

There will be six of us: acerbic, aliciagayle, myself, jpallan, pezstar, and xxemogrrlxx. 4 bedrooms, plus there's two extra rooms that might convert to bedrooms.

I'm looking at the job situation down there: I've had oppourtunities from both near and far, and wedü has made noises about telecommuting.

Mostly, I'm just kind of "Wow"ing at the fact that we're going to have an apartment. The Commune, version 2.0. With a Jacuzzi®!

Thought you all might want to know.
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