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Moving to Cambridge
We just got word earlier this evening that we will be moving into the apartment that we were all looking at and loving, which has been referred to as the "OMG HOT SEXXOR APARTMENT".

There is a copy of the craigslist listing available. It was deleted off Craigslist: What everyone has told me is that it's just as pretty as it looks there: in other words, beautiful.

There will be six of us: acerbic, aliciagayle, myself, jpallan, pezstar, and xxemogrrlxx. 4 bedrooms, plus there's two extra rooms that might convert to bedrooms.

I'm looking at the job situation down there: I've had oppourtunities from both near and far, and wedü has made noises about telecommuting.

Mostly, I'm just kind of "Wow"ing at the fact that we're going to have an apartment. The Commune, version 2.0. With a Jacuzzi®!

Thought you all might want to know.

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Careful not to get sucked into one of the jets! I hear that can leave a nasty mark.

/me snerks. I'll keep it in mind.

Yay, apartment squeeing! It's very pretty! :D Duude, two rooms that "could be converted" to bedrooms and it's *still* only 3,500? These are the sorts of things that make me wish I'd gone to school on the East Coast...

Yayfor you, though.

That is an awesome looking apartment. Congrats.

Congrats! A jacuzzi...that sounds nice ;)

I've been told that I can only turn on a webcam on the jacuzzi if I have it password protected.

Luckily, EvoCam can acommodate that!

Mmm, steamy, hot, wet geeks. Just the way I like 'em.

That's awesome. This means that there will be no excuse for us to get together this summer. I'll be working in Cambridge and living in Newton - there will be parties for sure.

(Deleted comment)

Re: Way off topic ...

They don't bother to tell me when they do it, so I don't really know. My guess is that ucomics complained, yes, as I know from heresay that is what has happened in the past.

I've never really figured out when they decide to complain. Seems almost random to me.

I'm not going to set another one up: I'm risking enough of a legal case just by running it. But I know there's already another feed setup: look around, you'll probably find it somewhere.

Hey. You probably don't know me (I found you via lj_syndication), but I was a regular on calnhobbes, calvhobcom, trollfreecandh, and a reader of calvin_n_hobbes. Seeing a trend there?

LJ Abuse has recently cracked down on Calvin & Hobbes rss feeds (and communities serving the same purpose) for Copyright Violations, which is fair enough I guess, even though it's technically a bandwidth theft issue. Anyway, my friends and I were thinking it would be great if we could create an rss feed that just posted the link to each new C&H comic page on the ucomics.com site. This would solve the problems of both parties, as users would have to click through to the website in order to see that day's comic.

The problem is, none of us know a thing about rss code. Do you think you might be able to help us?

By the way, one of my friends has volunteered a server for the code to reside on, so I'm not asking you to take any risks whatsoever :-)

If you'd rather reply in private, I can be emailed at jassa@livejournal.com

I'm not Schmidty by any means.

But I know he's done with the comic feeds thing.

What I would do in your position -- in fact I've already done it, would be Google calvin hobbes RSS, get an URI from someplace else, and then enter that in http://www.livejournal.com/syn/

This should work on any major comic strip.

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