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Off to Illinois
A reminder to those of you who may be around that I will be in Illinois for the next three days, from Friday Evening til Sunday evening (leaving around 8pm). If you want to get together, please drop me a line or give me a call - cell is 603.264.2294. (Note the 603, not 630... :))

I know a lot of you are on your way out of finals and so on, but I'd love to see some of you. I do have familial obligations: Mom's graduating on Saturday, Tony's Confirmation is 4pm Sunday afternoon - but I can probably make time outside of that.

I will be online probably most of the weekend. You know I can't go for long without a computer, and my parents house even has wireless now (although I don't know if it reaches upstairs).

That is all.

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And here I am moving away from Illinois forever in 3 days. :oP

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