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In 6th Grade, Katie Schmidt was running for Student Council. For her speech to the class (all ~100 of us), she informed us to start that she was not going to sit down until we said we'd vote for her.

That's right, in 6th grade, the student council campaign speech was a fillibuster.

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I was thinking of you today with random memories because I remember you having a crush on Blair Stilling back before I quit yearbook. I was going to call the volleyball people except I don't like phones, and you jumped at the chance to call her. So I let you do it.

I remembered it because Mr. Kull was making fun of a kid in Wind Ensemble because he had a crush on her when he was a freshman.

Anyone who had a crush on Blair Stilling is not someone to be made fun of. That is a man of discriminating and impressive tastes in women.

don't keep us in suspense!
... did it work? did she win?

Yep: She was the Class President for the year. Of course, she was only running against a complete doofus, but that's never really guarenteed anyone a seat in government in this country.

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