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More answers...
More answers to my ask me anything poll.

Jessica asks, "When you envision yourself in twenty years, what is your life like?"

Not a hell of a lot different than where I am now. I am the happiest man alive these days, and I think that is where I hope to be. Some things I hope will change - I do hope that we will not be living in a place where we still have 100 square feet per person living in the house, and I hope that we won't still be driving a 94 Ford Aerostar. I expect that my life will be very similar to a number of my geeky friends, who have jobs where they can do some of the things that I love to do in my free time sanctioned by their employers, which would be nice.

I do have a hope that my relationship with my family will improve. It sucks, and it's in large part my fault and related to the fact that I don't feel like an adult when dealing with them.

I don't know where I'll be in the country, but I think that I'll still love you then just as much as I do today, and that's a comforting thought.

A friend I recently met for the first time in person asks, "This is very selfish of me, but did you really think I was pretty? Why?"

Your face and your hair did me in. I can't imagine that anyone could have a face as beautiful as yours was, and I do think it makes you beautiful. You're an incredible girl, and you make the world quite a bit more incredible just by being in it.

Of course, your beauty pales in comparison to Jess, but I may be a bit biased in that respect :)


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