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List of Things to Never Leave the House Without
This weekend, when visiting Wellesley and Boston, Jess decided to go puddle jumping and get her socks wet. This resulted in her taking them off before we went apartment hunting, which led to her getting a blister on the back of her foot, which in turn led to her walking on the heels of her shoes which seems to have led her to having a broken toe.

As a result, I'm starting a list of things to never leave the house without.
  • Dry Socks
  • $20 Cash

The $20 cash is something that I started doing a while ago in our cars: I had to run a toll once because I had no money. Since then, I've kept a $20 hidden somewhere in the cars I'm driving whenever possible.

Also, I got my bike today! It's the one thing that I've never been able to get out here, and my parents shipped it to me! It's a 1998 GT Talera, and I love it, and I've missed it. My dad included detailed instructions on how to put all the parts together. I put it all together myself! It's sad that I could hear the voice of my brother mocking me in my head because I wasn't turning the reverse threaded pedal the right way... *sigh* It's been three years since I've lived with my family, and I can still imagine their incessant teasing.

Still, I'm totally looking forward to riding the bike around. I've missed having my bike. Jess's was fine, but is a major difference in riding. (I also need to tune it, after having ridden it last summer without ever touching it.)

Life is pretty decent right now. I did a nifty demo using vnc2swf earlier. Maybe I'll post more about that later. It's work related, so I kind of want to get their permission first.

If you have a list of things that you don't leave the house without, help add to mine!

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housekeys. ever since i managed to lock myself out of my apartment, twice, in midwinter, wearing nothing but a tanktop and boxer shorts and slip-on shoes, because i simply went downstairs to get my laundry out of the washer and forgot to take my keys with. (this is also why i HATE clothing without pockets.)

it's also extremely rare for me to leave the house without wallet, cell phone, lip balm, and a pen (or pencil). depending on what pockets/bags i have available to me, i also carry a water bottle, lotion, and a book/magazine. i used to take my camera everywhere, but it's just too bulky.

Bottle of water (good if one gets stuck in the underground), purse (in the sense of wallet not handbag), housekeys, list of telephone numbers I might want to phone in an 'emergency' (the ones I'd want to phone in a real emergency are ones I *know*), first aid kit, painkillers, anti-histamines from March - September, pen, whistle, umbrella, A-Z (local map of London), deodrant, tissues.

A towel. Never leave home without a towel. Also painkillers, just in case. Actually, you should probably make that a general first-aid kit.

A towel. Never leave home without a towel

I think I might love you. Hope the movie is good. :)

Oh, I see you've already seen it. :) Is it worth admission?

A tampon. But I doubt you'd need that.

Advil's a biggie, too.

Oh, and Lactaid, because Jason likes to take me out for pizza and forget that the cheese will make him sick later if he doesn't take one. :-p

My keys, of course...
And my Smartphone. Never know in what situation you can get, and I've got there the most important phone numbers, plus something to read, if I'd get into a traffic jam ;)

Picture ID, of course, but I think that's probably covered by "wallet". My friend's mother was in a bad accident and didn't have ID on her. They had to kind of guess when they reconstructed her face, so she looks different than she used to.

Can't believe it took so long for someone to mention your phone. I think everyone's covered everything else.

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