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(no subject)
What's so bad about me? why is it that no matter how hard I try, I can never find a good job? I just want to make some money.

I did have a good job at the beginning of the summer. I was working at the geneva chamber of commerce, and it was great. 10 bucks an hour, set my own hours, no taxes/union dues/other crap... Easy work.

Now I'm working at jewel. Hard as hell job, only 18 hours a week, pays jack crap (6.40 an hour minus taxes and union dues)... I made less in 2 months at jewel than i did in 3 weeks at geneva.

And now, sarah's getting a job at the library. What have I done wrong with my life? Why am i so horrible I can't be hired as an employee anywhere worth working? Why do i take the shit jobs?

I hate this.