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313 Experience
Went out to 313 tonight: was supposed to be a gathering of Manchester-types, but turned out to just be me and karnil from various complications. I went in a bit crabby: my night plans got switched around on me last minute due to Jess's eye hurting too much for her to do anything, and I *hate* having plans change when they force me to start out running late. However, when I got there, I actually enjoyed myself.

I took a fair number of pictures, and a few videos: the pictures will go under my 313 tag on flickr, and I'll try and figure out how to convert the videos to something usable. (They come off the phone as 3GP, which is something that only realplayer can play, as far as I know.)

Some hilights of the evening:
  • Finding Delia with almost no effort: she was walking outside or something when I came up, making her easy to find. And I even somewhat recognized her!
  • Singing along with basically every kareoke song that was being sung (loudly)
  • An absolutely succulent performance of "All That Jazz": I have video, but I'm sure it couldn't tell the real story behind how perfect the girl played the part. (Performer is here, but blurry, dark cameraphone pictures don't do her justice)
  • Rubbing back and getting back rubbed
  • Going into the dance room and actually having people watch me dance. I was used to it among high school students, but among people who are much more adult, it's fun
  • Having someone shout "Penguin Power", in response to my Linux shirt, before...
  • My awesome display of kareoke power in faded voice singing of "Pump it Up"
Anyway, I'll get the pictures uploaded as soon as I find out where the powerbook is. I didn't see it downstairs, and kristan is sleeping in front of the mini.

(Succulent is an interesting word to describe a performance. Another one I thought of using was "saucy", but it wasn't dirty, and I think succulent is closer to what my thought process is on it.)

I think that 313 is the kind of place that I really like to be. It's alternative, meaning I don't feel like I can really be too odd: when you've got guys dressing in full drag alongside you, most of what I do in public seems pretty tame. It's got a hangout/pool shooting area, kareoke area, and a dance floor, and the crowd just seems nice and relaxed. I'll probably try going out to a dance-type club sometime somewhere, but that's just because sometimes I want better music to dance to.

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They come off the phone as 3GP, which is something that only realplayer can play, as far as I know.

Newer versions of QT (>6.3 I believe) play them as well, if I'm not mistaken.

The latest version of Quicktime plays .3GP files.

By the way, I was headed out to find a pay phone to call chip to ask him to look in my phone to call Jess to see what was up. But in retrospect, that wouldn't have worked because Chip was farther away from my phone than I was. But as I was about to go outside, you were just walking in.

I heard some of the songs that were done last night on the radio today and laughed as I said to myself, oh, right, that's how it is supposed to sound...

And yes, succulent is a good word to describe the performance of "All That Jazz." I need to loosen up and move a little when I sing. Dangit.

Totally off topic to this post... do you still have this file - import-wordpress.txt ? Your site is saying 404 for this file.

Cheers. :)

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