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Holy crap, Google Maps Satellite Imagery is flirking cool.

I spent more than 30 minutes last night just crusing around the country. The most amusing part was going to my old dorm, then starting to cruise north. Most people don't really understand that other than the school, there is very little in Champaign Urbana - this definitely proves it. This is a good example of the kind of thing you really do feel if you're there: leave town, and you've got nothing around for miles.

Another cool one is the move I made at 14, mostly because the imagery in that area is something you can crank up to maximum zoom and still see: you can see the pool behind my second house, even.

I think that I'm going to be spending a lot of time playing with this, just like mendel.

Kristan, Jess and I shot skeeball last night. I also played on "Police Trainer", a game that used to be at a local movie theatre when I was a lot younger, cost twice as much, and I was never allowed to "waste" my money on it. I loved that game. I think I'll have to visit Space Center more.

Kids were at Grandma's last night, Jess and I ended up cleaning the bedroom at 11pm. I'm almost done with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

I'm now listed as a contributor on the FOAF Specification: check out the list at the bottom. It reads like a "Who's Who" of Semantic Web giants, which makes me feel pretty cool. The code that got me there is in my redland tools section.

Masahide has done it again, creating a nifty image annotater which may actually cause me to annotate some of my images. The thing is simply incredible, and it's all Javascripty goodness, so I think I can copy it locally and hack it, which would be awesome. I'll never cease to be amazed by his work.

There is a beautiful blue sky outside today.

What do you think of this userpic?

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Google Satellite Map is seriously impressive. Thanks for sharing.

WOW I looked up my high school and old house!

Most people don't really understand that other than the school, there is very little in Champaign Urbana - this definitely proves it.

Other than the 100,000 permanent residents? There is a actually lot going on for a town that size, but most students never look for it.


Hm, I suppose I meant around, rather than in: There are a lot of people who live in the area, and stuff going on there, but it's not like the northeast, where you can't go for more than an hour or so without running into *something*.

I did know that there was a lot in town, although I'll admit I'm like most students in that I didn't go looking for it. I lived in, and loved, Allen Hall and its surroundings.

There's obviously more to the town than just the school: even including all the buildings, that map shows that there is a lot of stuff surrounding. However, after that, there's still a hell of a lot of corn. :)

True, because it's some of the best, most fertile farm land in the country. It's really not very clever to put towns and universities there -- a real waste of resources -- but the farmers need some goods and services, and the railroad needs some place to stop.

I was anxious to get out of there, but it's really not so bad as towns go.


I didn't mind living there too much, but from what I heard of my friends living there in the summer, after the shcool year, it gets a heck of a lot more dull. Considering I don't remember going to more than 3 non University sponsored events, I'm pretty sure I'd agree.

But, it is a state of mind. People who are there year round live different lives than students, I'm quite sure, which means there probably is stuff to do.

Decatur, IL, on the other hand, had a party when a Taco Bell opened in town. And they have 80,000 people.

Yeah, Decatur is exactly like that. I do love my old hometown. :)

I've experienced this particular behavior in another place I lived - Wilkesboro, NC - a Papa John's opened up. They were so busy the first month, there were 3 hour waiting periods on pizza. And the town just loved it - it was the first chain pizza resturant they ever had.

I'm really glad you're feeling all 1337. I think you deserve it.

I think you were surprised at how good I am at skeeball.

I'm glad you had fun gaming. I think we should check out Funworld with the kids soon, though, because that may be even more fun -- they have a whole section of old school games. Including maybe that one, I can't know. I haven't been there in years, and the girls would have fun in their playground - bouncy castles and the like.

I think you're prettier in this userpic because it shows you, rather than a reflection off your glasses. You're not wearing glasses, it's a full facial shot, and it's that smile you usually have, the half-smile that could turn into a lot or stay at nearly nothing.

I'm sorry I was less than impressed. I found the pictures of Illinois amusing, but I'm simply not as visual as you are, so I was sorta bored. :)

They have very recent images...

Didn't I show you Keyhole before? I downloaded the trial a couple months ago and played with it constantly. I should've known Google would work the images into their map system, but I'm stupid. ;-)

Something interesting to check out: Go to the White House, scroll south to the Washington Monument, then east until you get to the Capitol. Or rather the pixelated blob where the Capitol and a few surrounding buildings should be.

I can't use Keyhole cause it's Windows only: No windows machines in the house (other than Kristan's laptop, and I'd never seen her playing with it.)

... that is the most ridiculous thing ever. At four zoom levels up, there's no way that the information I can see would be important, but it's definitely still distinctly blurry at that level. Hell, even at five levels up you can see it. Ridiculous.

What I really don't get is that you can get down to the closest zoom level on the entire area including the White House, National Airport, the Pentagon and even Andrews Air Force Base (home of Air Force One) - all of which are at least equally important security-wise (though I did just notice the White House and both buildings flanking it have artificially colored roofs, so they're hiding something. ;-) ).

I wonder which federal agency is going to come knock on my door for looking at this. ;-)

Here's one for the conspiracy theorists. Odd that the main part of the town has nowhere near the resolution of the nothingness to the north or the military base to the south. And what the hell are all those circular things?

Those circular things are crops: they're being watered by tethered sprinklers. They have wheels on them, which is why you get the concentric circles, and they have sprayers all along them to water them.

That's my guess anyway, despite the fact that they're in the middle of a fucking desert and it doesn't look like much is growing, but it could be off season or whatever. Just the way it looks. that is a hell of a lot of planes lined up, though.

mendel's post has some other interesting things: not sure if you saw them.

Ahh. I'd thought they might be crops, but the circular thing was confusing me.

Yeah, I noticed the line of planes sitting and waiting. I've looked at a few air force bases and not seen anything like that. Very odd. Makes me wonder exactly when that image was taken and whether something might have been anticipated...

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