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life is interesting. Lots of people in my life right now mean so much to me I can't even tell them at all and it's just nice that I don't even have to because they mostly know.

It's a cold and rainy saturday morning.

US loses an hour tomorrow morning.

Girls not here until around 8-9pm tonight.

Jess and kristan out shopping: should do some code, but don't really feel up to it.

Will probably watch movies this afternoon. Need to send back Farenheit 9/11 and get chicago from netflix. F 9/11 was pure propoganda. Not sure why it got so much hype.

Ooh. Harry Potter book. Order of the Phoenix. I bought it at Alicia' book fair. I read it before, but I've forgotten it. I think that's what I'll spend my morning doing until the females get back.

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