Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

RDF and me...

I'd just like to share the fact that I am a complete and utter dork. It was way too easy to just type what I was listening to into IRC, so instead I built a feature into one of my IRC bots that takes a track ID generated using the TRM algorithm and retrieves RDF statements describing that track from musicbrainz, then adds statements which say you're currently listening to that track, then queries the database and returns the information:

22:33:36 < crschmidt> ^listeningTo 7a0390f3-96eb-4173-9d5a-b4ce9a4407d4
22:33:41 < julie> 2005-03-30T03:33:40Z We Like to Party! Vengaboys

If you're curious about how much work I was putting into getting the same result yesterday, you'd have to read the related entry on my weblog.

This entry brought to you by acerbic, who says she doesn't have enough updates on her friends page.

Also, The Pragmatic Programmer is reminding me that I'm not a programmer, and I really wish I was. Anyone wanna hire me to do some actual code? (The book is good, a gift from nostrademons which I'm enjoying, just being a bit emo about not being able to use as much of it as I'd like.)

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