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Who am I?

Jess asked me to write a new userinfo page for myself. I did, and it's there, but some of this is stuff that I don't really mention a lot, so I'm posting it here too, because I think it makes a decent entry, although rather disjointed.

I'm Christopher Schmidt, a general purpose web geek. I'm interested in a number of things, from the Semantic Web to PHP based web development, and I am employed by wedü.

I live in Manchester, New Hampshire, and I moved here around the beginning of June, 2004. Prior to that, I was a student at the University of Illinois in Computer Science. However, when I left I had been watching my grades decrease for over a year, as I became more and more involved in a long distance relationship with Jessica Allan, aka jpallan. I decided to spend my summer in Manchester, and if I got employed, I would move here and stay. I did, and I'm quite happy with my decision.

I've got a wonderful girlfriend, the aforementioned Jessica. We're raising two kids in a two bedroom condo with 5 computers (2 macs, 2 linux boxen, and jess's lone Windows laptop that we're saving to replace with an iBook), along with 4 cats and our roomate's beta-fish, DJ Hamslice.

This journal is used mostly for personal ramblings. I keep a seperate log of my technical ramblings, much of which is associated with leading edge web tech, including, as previously mentioned, the Semantic Web. I don't write about work much here, and my personal tech stuff stays in the techblog - this one is more personal in nature.

I am an iProduct. I buy Apple for the hardware, because I prefer Free Software to run what I do, but sometimes I want something that just works, and Apple Hardware And Apple Software do exactly that. I can quickly and easily connect via GPRS over bluetooth and set up as an open WIreless Access Point providing DHCP and NATted internet to anyone within 30 feet or so - something I wouldn't even know how to start, despite spending hours trying, on a Linux machine. There are a lot of lessons to be learned on the Linux side of the fence from Apple. However, there are also a number of lessons to be learned the other way, something that I think Apple is well aware of.

I am a camwhore. I have regularly broadcast myself on webcams of some sort or another for nearly 5 years, and I enjoy the idea of having people who care enough about what I'm doing to watch me doing it. It's vanity. I don't care.

I enjoy writing. I don't do nearly enough of it, and I wish that I had more oppourtunity to do so. I'm always on the prowl for more technical gigs, so if you're interested in a freelance writer, feel free to hit me up.

I have, in the past, supported LiveJournal via both support and development efforts. I don't anymore. I do still support the site monetarily, because there's a lot of fucking cool things you can do with a paid account.

I originally obtained a LiveJournal in 2002. It was the summer after I finished high school, and I was in a social circle of Harry Potter fandom writers. These people almost all had LiveJournals, or wanted them. At the time, you needed an invitation code to create a journal. I was told again and again that doing technical support for the site was a way to get such codes, but that it was almost impossible to do so. Because I'm an argumentative german, I paid for an account, and started doing support the same day. Within a week I had the 20 points required to get another invitation code. I'm still proud that I was able to do something that a lot of other people simply can't do: learn the intricacies of LiveJournal in order to help out others. Knowing LJ inside and out became my primary pride for a long time.

I've learned a million things about the world through this site. It was the original reason I learned Perl, and most of my introduction to the open source movement. I have met a great number of people, both online and in person. I have connected to people in parts of the world that I never would have thought possible, and formed relationships I never could have even imagined.

I am who I am, and this LiveJournal is me.

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