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Lazy day...

Girls are at Grandparents, so I didn't have to get up or anything like that this morning. Jess still sick, but doing better today than she was a few days ago: she's spent the last few days sleeping pretty much nonstop.

Changed my journal style: It matches now, which it never did before. I'm still working out a few little kinks, and I'm quite certain that comments probably won't look good in IE, nor will short entries. But I don't really care enough to figure out a way to fix it. I think it looks pretty good, but I'd like to hear what other people think.

Not many people are online on Saturday mornings, or early afternoons.

I'm going to write the next part of my party story soon, just wanted to get a quick update out there first.

wedü is going to be setting up weblogs for the new website. The thought of maintaining yet another weblog kind of worries me - as if I don't write enough. However, it will give me a place to write about stuff I'm doing at work, which is kind of nice, because I don't feel comfortable doing it anywhere right now. I may set up the interface and storage for it now, just so we can start off with some content in it, even if we don't have an interface to it on the site yet.

I think I may, if I become unlazy, steal brad's jsdraw stuff for IRC. Kristan and I talked years ago how it would be awesome to be able to draw the IRC channel. I just realized the other day that it's now possible to do stuff like that. I'm too lazy to reverse engineer the server-side stuff at the moment, though. I wonder if other people have nifty collaborative drawing thingies that I don't know about.

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