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A memory...

I kind of like rain.
It's been really dry here this summer, and we haven't had much precipitation at all. But today and last night, it's been POURING. It's kind of cool... I miss big thunderstorms.

When I was going in to 8th grade, I went to summer camp at Camp Freeland Leslie, with the boy scouts. It was the council park, and so, during the middle of the week, there were OA elections. It was supposed to be a ceremony outside.

Well, on the night of the thing, it poured. POURED. HUGE thunderstorm. So we all crowded into this one little lodge, and it sucked.

But then! The high point of the week. We got to walk back to camp. It was still pouring... It rained 6 inches in 2 hours right around that time. We were hopping over puddles, running through the rain, and watching the HUGE thunderstorm going on all around us. It was te most fun I had all that week - i felt so excited to be out in this huge storm.

To this day, i remember running down the river that the path became, thinking that was amazing fun.

And the storms today have reminded me of this.

In other news...
Got a new pair of glasses today. Well, really 2 new pairs. They're much smaller, one is gold and one is black. Got them from pearlevision. I'm kind of excited - i haven't gotten a new pair in a year and a half. I should have them before I leave for school.

I dont' know when I'll be packing up my computer - hopefully the night before I leave. I hate leaving it behind :)

Hope to go out with carolyn tonight after her family dinner, maybe to starbucks. Just sit for a while, like i've been doing with erin lately. Erin was online earlier today, but I missed her while i was getting glasses. It took 2 hours. Oh, did i mention my eyes are twice as bad now as they used to be? No wonder I can never read street signs! ;)

Doctor told me all about his college life - how big of a deal spring break was the first time, blah blah blah. It was kind of fun.

That's it for now.

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