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Party - Friday, Saturday Day

For my 21st Birthday, there were a number of major important aspects of the weekend. First, there was the night before. Then, there was my parents. Then, there was the Dinner. Then, there was the Party. Then, there was the day after. I'm going to be as descriptive as possible, which means this is going to get pretty frickin long. Feel free to skim or skip as needed.

So, the night before the party... all I really remember of import is that Jess let me open one of my gifts early, and it was an iSight, and it was awesome. So I played with that some, got some kickass software (I don't know what it is about Macs, but everything out there is just hugely well written compared to PC stuff) and played with that.

At midnight (or rather, quarter to), Jess dragged Dan and I out to Jillian's, where I had a ceremonial Midnight Drink. The doorguy didn't want to let me in until 5 minutes before, and even that was after a very long look at my ID. We played some arcade, I lost a game of pool to Dan, I had a Sprite and Vodka. We went home, I fell asleep.

The next day, I woke up at 6am, and started cleaning. My parents were coming over, and I wanted the house to look good enough to make them not bitchy. So, I spent the entire morning cleaning up the house, vaccuming, etc. My parents got there around 10, I said hi, and then I had to run to the airport to pick up Pete (y3t39) from his flight. While there, ndrumm called my pete's cell phone to get my number, then called me and let me know his SFO flight had gotten overbooked, so he was rescheduling to get into boston at 5:15. I called Jess and let her know, and she arranged for chemicallace to pick him up on her way up to the commune, which worked wonderfully.

Once I gathered pete, I went home, deposited a pete, saw that acerbic had arrived, and so had opal1159 and andyli, from New York. Said greetings, then went out with my parents to show them wedü. Wandered around there for a bit, then wandered out to lunch, at Tinkers, which is good Seafood, even if the ambiance is a bit light. Bid my parents farewell, and started party preperations.

By this time, miss_geek had arrived with Dasan, and soon after set up her knitting. So, we had pete, myself, opal and andy, and nico just chillin around the house: Kristan had left with the van to go to Boston and pick people up, and Jess and Dan had gone to the store. I played with the iSight, and I talked on IRC, and basically just chilled. We did this until the Boston crowd got back. We then got everyone in the room, which now consisted of:

nostrademons, bobert225 and his girlfriend, meg, ursamajor, ratkrycek, sarahlise and zoe (whose journal I can't remember at the moment), the duo of xxemogrrlxx, y3t39, skrolnik, jpallan, opal1159, andyli, and i'm sure I'm forgetting others.

And then I opened presents. Things I got:
3 thinkgeek shirts: LinuxuniL, "Chicks Dig Unix", and "There's no place like", which I wore until I got mostly naked at the party (while still sober, for the record).
Python Cookbook (yay!)
Pragmatic Programming
A Squishy Thing! from opal. I think it's called a Mogu cushion or something, but it's wonderful.
A scarf! From Sarah. It rocks, used it when I went skiing.
The Cathedral And the Bazaar (by ESR)
A couple other books and things from Jess and the girls: mystery sent in bangkok, a nonfiction work about being an NYPD cop, and a framed ad for an original erector set.
Wonderful food from lynne! which i'm still eating.

I know there is more I'm forgetting, again.

After this, we did cake, and kittybrat arrived. We all kind of ate cake for a while, then around 4:30, I packed everyone who wanted to see wedu (9 people in all) into the van, and we took off for wedü. Browsed through there, fit us all into the passenger elevator and checked out the audio studio as well.

After we browsed wedu, we all headed over to the restaurant for the gigantic birthday dinner. And that will be another entry (since it is now 3 in the morning, and I have work tomorrow.)

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