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St. Patty's Day
So, it's St. Patrick's day today. that means that there are just 2 days left before my birthday. Perhaps that's why I feel like such utter and complete crap. I have a canker sore under my tongue on the frenulum again, I only got 3-4 hours of consistent sleep the last two nights due to children waking up around 3 or 4 am and then staying up.

However, I still do have the best friends in the world: kristna and dan came over yesterday and made my day good, and jess has been pretty wonderful about letting me be a lazy git.

I'm sleepy though. Pizza hut for dinner tonight.

Birthday is Saturday. You can buy me some geeky things, if you'd like, or some slightly less geeky things (aka books).

Life is good, even if it's tiring. Thank you to you all who have made life wonderful.

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While I'm quite broke and can't buy anything from either list, I highly commend your selection of The Annotated Alice. :D

Okay, this is just lame. :p And I don't believe for a second that you wear a medium shirt, unless the small is too short for you.

I do really liked the stuffed Tux, though. :)

If I'm lounging about the house, I like a medium. Work shirts are smalls, but I can't really wear that to work, so a medium is what I like.

Okay, now you're being believable. Man Boobs of Doom!

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