Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

attempting to die...

sick. very much so. wanted the weekend to sit around and feel sorry for myself, but unforutnately, as so often happens, Jess followed my lead and got sick too. Ah well.

I realized 30 pages from the end of my book that I had been reading for the past 3 hours straight that the last 20 pages were missing. I'm about 30 pages away from the "end" now, and my motivation completely died upon learning that.

I set up PlanetMobile. It's kinda nifty. I like the pictures.

I'm working on a flickr posting app for my phone, so that I can take a picture and post it and everything like that right to flickr. Kinda like you people with your posting over email to LJ's scrapbook or whatever they call fotobilder. Except that flickr is way niftier, and lets me store all kinds of nifty stuff, which i'm pretty sure fotobilder doesn't. I like flickr. it's nifty. I hope yahoo didn't buy it. I hope yahoo doesn't buy six apart soon, like everyone is saying they're going to. that would suck. just think of geocities. yeah.

my boss asked me yesterday at work what the hell six apart sells. I explained MT and Typepad to him. it took me 3 minutes. (He's not a dumb guy.) Apparently he spent 20 minutes looking at their website, and had no flirking clue what they did. So, the masters of interface design are apparently not the best marketers on the planet.

I like my new cell phone. It's nifty.

I have had 2 copies of wired and a copy of linux journal on my desk, and I didn't know it. Clearly, i don't pay much attention to my desk.

if you want to read about my technical stuff, friend crschmidt_tech. really. if you think that what i post here is too technical, i laugh at you.

I believe that is all.

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