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New Phone, other stuff

Got my new phone. Nokia 6600. It's so sleek. The 3650 was a wonderful device for a very long time, but I have a feeling that I'm going to like this one a lot more. The main thing that will be more difficult is typing: I'm having a hard time adjusting to the completely different key layout. (The 3650 has a circular layout, which is great for two handed typing.)

Got all the apps a phone needs installed on it: Python, Opera, Putty, FExplorer (which is an all in one file browser/editor/screenshot/other tool), and an IRC client (WirelessIRC). As one of my friends mused: "It's more useful than most Windows boxes."

Wrote a really cool app in Python: You can see details on it on the Project page, in the original post, or in the program update post. Basically, it lets you select a city, then browse traffic webcams from that city. Heavy on GPRS though. So far, I've had my phone for 18 hours, and used more than 2 MB of data (678k up, 1.84MB down). That's a lotta money for some people.

Saw chemicallace this morning. She was flying to Seattle and had some time to kill. We went to Andy's for breakfast, then went to the Verizon arena to get told Green Day was already sold out. We browsed through the Millyard Musem, which is really cool. We then went through the SEE Science Center to see the lego-replica of the mill buildings that they're building. Dropped her back off at the airport, went to Goldenrod to get Jess a Brownie sundae, and I played the lord of the rings Pinball game for 15 minutes. $1.50 for 15 minutes of happiness: you can certainly do worse. (I almost got to the replay score too: it's 9 million, I topped out at 8.5.)

Came home, got the new phone, started playing with it.

Yesterday... worked a bit late, came home, Jess's mom had gotten the girls for us. We're going there tomorrow afternoon after church.

I'm tired, cranky, hungry, and my stomach hurts. I do at least have Monday off.

Sleeeeepy, but can't sleep cause my stomach wants to explode or something. sucky. Ah well. I should make myself some new upis. Maybe one with a phone. I like my phone. Phones are cool.

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