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I sometimes wonder if Brad expects me to do things like I did here anymore. I've done it often enough in the past that it's kind of something that wouldn't surprise me, but I wonder if he even realizes I'm the same guy that whines all the time. Just pondering.

Life is good. Work is good. The house is a mess, but it always is. The commune is much less communist lately: acerbic has been gone too much.

I'm thinking about starting to post friends only again, for stuff that I don't want to be googleable. There's a lot of people who read my journal, but aren't on my friends list.

If I were to start posting friends only, and didn't want to read your entries, would you rather be...

on my friends list, but out of my default view
not on my friends list

Tell me a secret?

Note that those of you who don't have LiveJournal accounts can not fill out this poll. The user interface doesn't really make that clear.

A bunch more comic feeds got suspended. I'm not replacing any of them, for those of you who might wonder. Once might be something I could claim ignorance, but twice is really just pushing it, and is only likely to get someone with a lot of money to sue my pants off.

I'm getting a new cell phone! It's going to be so cool. In the meantime, my cell is dead at the moment. The new phone should be here Friday or Saturday. It's a Nokia 6600, which is pretty much the top of the line in the US. (Europe's phones are 3 times as cool, and Japan's are twice as cool again.)

I'm sure that there are more important things to be posting here, but I can't think of them.

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