Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Weekend Getaway

I had an absolutely wonderful weekend getaway to a little bed and breakfast in the middle of Vermont. I found out that in Burlington, there is an entire city of hippies, and realized that's why Zack liked working there so much back when he did for DFA.

I learned that there are some *big* Unitarian churches: The one in Burlington has a congregation 6 times the size of the one in Manchester, and has a huge church right downtown, on Church street. Church street is also a nifty place: kind of like Pearl street in boulder, the entire street is pedestrian only, an outdoor mall kind of thing.

The Richmond Victorian Inn is an absolutely wonderful place. We got special Chocolate lovers gifts: Lake Champlain chocolates, Sparkling apple cider in our room, and the absolutely most wonderful breakfasts both days: Chocolate waffles drizzled with chocolate, following the first course, a fruit parfait, and white chocolate and raspberry muffins with an excellent egg and cheese casserole, each with hickory smoked bacon and sausage, delightful orange juice.

The room we were in was simply beautiful, with a wonderful bed, comfy chairs, jacuzzi tub, and comfortable robes. We had wonderful innkeepers. We got in late the first night, spent the night relaxing and listening to classical music. We got up late the next day, ate the wonderful breakfast, and browsed the town. Jess bought things at the hippy store. It had incense burning, and an entire section of liberal books. I was on a cell phone network called Unicell. We came back, relaxed, skipped out on our dinner reservations, and went to Al's French Fries. They make some damn good french fries.

We talked a little bit to two Barbara's at breakfast: talking about kids, stuff like that. They gave us a look when we said we had a seven year old. I just grinned.

I loved it. I absolutely adored it. I completely relaxed, and I just read and snuggled and relaxed and read and snuggled and relaxed. I couldn't have asked for a better place, a better weekend, or a better person to spend it with.
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