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This is the sickest I've been in recent memory. I can not remember another time that I felt this crappy. I'm not really sure what it is, but is definitely not nice: I have a fever, nausea, and I'm in that extremely fun state where everything that touches my skin feels like pain.

I took some ibuprofin for it last night, which helped, but at 4:30 this morning I was sick to my stomach enough that I had to make a dash for the bathroom. So, I'm somewhat wary of more drugs.

I have taken some anti-nausea meds, and I"m hoping that I can feel better so I can be part of the party tonight (We're having an anti-super bowl lord of the rings screening: anyone who wants to come is invited).

We have a new TV. It is a 27" Sony Wega. It is very large, and very pretty.

Ugh. I feel like crap.

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... you have a hangover, and just haven't realised it yet.

This morning I had the same deal happening, and it took me ages to remember where I'd aquired the symptoms from :P

Nah, there was no alcohol for me last night. I was also starting to get sick around 9 or 10. I think it may have been due to over-exertion.

*points the its-your-own-fault-sleep-more-code-less finger*

Heh. Not coding: we're having a party, and our friends tend to say over the night before. There were an extra 6 people sleeping here last night: I was cleaning the house all day in prep for that.

For some reason, I imagine Checkhov(sp) saying "Sony Wega".

Pardon me geeking out there for a sec.

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