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1000th Post
Sex! Alcohol! Road Tripping! All these things LiveJournal has given me, and much more.

This is the 1000th post currently stored in this LiveJournal. It is the 1054th entry that I have posted, meaning that I have deleted 54 entries for various reasons. (Knowing me, it's for testing stuff - even when I make grave and utter mistakes, I seldom actually delete posts).

I originally joined the service to participate in support. I was part of a group called "Muggles for Equal Treatment of Magical Articles" (or was it artifacts?) which has always been very LiveJournal centered. Although there are entries in my journal dating before that time, they are copied in from other sources, such as an HTML only log I kept, or Free Open Diary. When I joined the service, the entire purpose for me was to get "Invitation codes" to share with friends: they were a valuable commodity among the METMA group. I bought an account (I was one of the oldest members, at 18, and did have my own credit card at the time), and I gave the two codes I got out immediately.

I then dived right into support, aiming to prove wrong everything that people had told me about how hard it was. For the most part, they were wrong. I did well in support, and despite all the warnings that invite codes were hard to get, I had another by the time I got my "one week" invitation code. Thus, in the first week I had an account, I gave out four invitation codes.

As I moved into college in the fall, I stopped doing so much support - I varied at my level of supporting the site a lot, as I do in many of my interests. For a long time, it was my life, then I'd quit, and the cycle would begin again. I did meet a lot of interesting people throughout my time in support, the most important of which to me is one Jessica Allan, the love of my life and my partner in crime, til death or an ugly, bitter divorce do us part.

I've grown. I've turned from a whiney emo kid to a relatively self-sufficient, employer of a marketing and web design firm. I've learned 3 different scripting languages, mostly due to the fact that xb95 took me under his wing so long ago and helped me by starting out hacking Perl for LJ. If it were not for him, I would almost certainly not be where I am today, something I owe him a lot for.

I've made and lost a lot of friendships. Currently, there are over 200 readers of this journal on the LiveJournal service - many of whom I have never met in person, but all the same, would be willing to lay down my life to protect. Some of the most important relationships to me in this world have been formed entirely on LiveJournal. beginning, for example, is a confidant that I would do anything to help if I could, and I've still never met her.

I have met a lot of people from LiveJournal. Over the years, I think I've met approximately 50 people who I knew, previously, only from the service. I remember at a party back at school, I was able to go around the room of 15 people - and every single one of them had a LiveJournal, and I could name it. It's interesting to be able to know so much about people while still knowing so little about them in the "real world".

I got a $108 check at one point. It went towards paying off the road trip I made in the summer between Freshman and Sophmore year in college. An interesting trip all around, where I learned a lot of things about myself and about other people. One thing to note is that you should never ever plan on driving cross country more than once with people that you wish to like at the end of the trip. It probably won't work. Being in that tight of a space for that long simply changes the chemistry of your mind.

I've moved from having a crappy cell phone to having one of the more complex models available, and although it's dated, it's earned me a lot of respect in various ways from the work I've done with it. Whether it be small tutorials that people have found on how to connect to their computer via bluetooth, or helping people to debug their own phones and what they're doing, or writing Python scripts and being the first out the door with them, it's all come out of having a LiveJournal.

My first relationship was forged before I had a LiveJournal, but it was kept alive because of LiveJournal... and in the end, died, in a way, because of LiveJournal. I have witnessed more fights than I wished to count, detailed the most intimate acts of my life, and talked about personal feelings that I still can't understand why I want to explain to strangers to this day. I am able to write here like I can no where else: I can write like my audience cares about me.

I've changed from writing for myself, to writing for an audience, and back again. I've participated in development, and I've participated in support. I've learned good and bad management techniques from observing the world around me. I've seen how to make people feel appreciated - and how to make them feel like crap. I've learned much of what I know about HTML and CSS - which has led to the job I have today.

Without LiveJournal, I would be out a roomate, partner, kids... you name it. I'd have fewer skills, I'd have less of a group of friends, and all in all, my entire life would have been different. I can't really imagine what it would have been without LiveJournal, but I can honestly say that it has had huge effects on my life.

I've seen the Space Needle, I've flown Southwest more times than I can count. I've driven across Montana, watching the mountains appear around me as the sun rose as I drove west. I have seen Portland. I have been on almost every inch of I-90.

There are so many things that I would never have done, never have seen. So many people I would never have met, never have loved. And just because I didn't mention you here doesn't mean I've forgotten you - trust me, there are dozens, if not hundreds more people who have made such a significant impact on my life via this website, that I couldn't even begin to describe them all. And I really just think it's amazing.

People say LiveJournal isn't good for anything. They're wrong.

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Awww. What a nice, thoughtful post! I agree, of course--the connections I've made through LJ (and fandom in general, but LJ is where the real interaction occurs) has definitely changed my life as well. I think I would be ignorant and boring if I hadn't made contact with so many very different people. It's kind of a disturbing thought in that I can go, "What if I'd never..." indefinitely, but it makes me appreciate everything I've gotten out of it nonetheless.

I love you too, and I mean what I say, for you and a lot of others. You mean a hell of a lot to me, and if it was a choice between giving up pretty much anything, and losing contact with you, I'd give it up. I can't point to specific things you've done for me, perhaps, but I can think of a million times where I'm sitting somewhere, and you're the only one I want to talk to, because you're the only one I always can talk to.

And I like that.

It's one of those things where I can't quite figure out why it is that I've ended up feeling this way, but it's there and I'm not going to bother questioning it. (That sounded very CosmoGIRL! romance; apologies.)

Oh, and randomly, you should use your glasses-free icon more often. Chris without glasses is teh hawt! (I believe we've gone over this before?) Now, if only I knew how you smelled without them...

Mostly I just don't identify with any picture except my default very much. I should really clear out and get new icons that I like better, I just haven't yet. (I've been saying this for two years now.)

*Homer drooling noises*

I keep wanting to switch to an entirely Family Guy or The Daily Show set, but I've had most of my icons for so long that it seems almost sinful to think of getting rid of them. 50 isn't enough!

Lies! METMA wasn't livejournal centered. It was originally just a group of fanfic writers that joined a group by e-mailing Mandy and then you'd get her newsletter with the challenges and stuff. And first it was deadjournal centered...yeah, you're totally wrong. ;)


It was LiveJournal centered by the time I arrived on the list: although some people had DeadJournals, everyone *wanted* a LiveJournal. The only reason they didn't get them was because of invite codes. And if you're trying to tell me that more METMA members had DJs than LJs, you're also wrong :p

I'm not saying that it's the way the list always was, but you know as well as I do by the time that I joined that was all the rage.

I'm just giving you a hard time. ^_^

I'm jus' saying that it wasn't "always" livejournal oriented. Hehe.

Oh yeah, and another point on your post -- yep, without livejournal, we never would have gotten into half the fights we did because we couldn't make whiney angst-ridden posts to spite each other!

Yeah, no kidding. Man, were we good at that ;)

We deserved medals! HOW COME WE NEVER GOT EMO MEDALS? We were the king and queen of emo.

I demand an emo medal RIGHT NOW.

Eh, I dunno. acerbic and I were pretty good at it too. I think that maybe we deserved medals at least in addition. She might not agree, but we truly were the king and queen of emo.

Awww, you're no fun. I just wanted a shiny medal.

I thought of it as more AIM-centric before you joined, and yeah, Sarah's right, before then it was mailing-list and website centered. And I think that's where it really started.

Thank you, Nos. ^_^

*sticks tounge out at Chris* Hehe.

I think I came in on the very beginning of the LiveJournal wave - that's why there was such a high demand for invite codes. A couple months after I joined, I don't remember many people asking for codes any more. Then again, I kind of started deleting the emails without reading them at some point. ;)

I still felt that METMA was very LiveJournal centered for offlist communication - I still talk to and read some of the journals of people I met there (Biz, Quack, JessCMalfoy). I was nver as much into the fanfiction as the social group in general, so it's not surprising that I'd remember that more than stuff like ;)

Yeah, that's why you don't remember, but the whole point of the group originally was humurous fanfic challenges. Here, I believe.

But I will fully admit that when you were talking to all of us, it was livejournal and AIM based because no one cared about fanfic anymore.

I actually did write some fanfic for a challenge or two, but they petered out around the time I joined. Then again, expecting a bunch of 13-16 year old females to spend too much time on any one thing is like asking them to not spend too much money shopping... ;)

Yep, pretty much.

Speaking of shopping, Mr. Powers went on his rant about how Schaumburg isn't a town, just a mall, today. Totally thought about you because you used that as your defense when we argued about that. ^_^

It amuses me that he recycles rants. I wonder if I could remember others, if he would recycle those too... I'm sure he would.

I'm sure he does. Both him and Haymond seemed like their rants are rehearsed through too many years of teaching.

But man, are both of them amusing. I was sad that econ was over because I was going to miss Haymond, but Powers has quite the sense of humor too. ^_^

LiveJournal brought together many of the friendships I've forged all over the Internet. Websites such as games site (formally .com), MOOs (MUDs), regular bloggers elsewhere etc. It gave me insights into the minds of the people I knew originally from real life, and made me know their inner thoughts rather than the cold outer exterior that one defensively presents to the world. I also use it to develop my bank of knowledge into the world; how people live their lives, their views on various topics, the fears and joys of a person, interesting news happening today, trivia about anything and everything you can dream of.

Participating in Support has given me a bf and kept us in touch even when we broke up. Support also made my CV more sparkly. Support is also a great learning curve for me to eventually realise that given enough dedication one can actually achieve their goals, however difficult it might seem to everyone else. I'm in the knowledge that I can climb higher if I really wanted it and want to dedicate even more time for this site, but I've learnt that the once indecisive me has gone a long way since 2 years ago when I created my own journal. I know my limits, I have learnt to accept what I want and what I think I want.

LiveJournal gives me access to a lot of intelligent people 24/7 to either cheer myself up in my depressive times, allow me to brighten someone's day or even just banter with a few good buddies. Without it my life would be a lot emptier. I always leave with the confident knowledge that this world would be available whenever I choose to return.

(Deleted comment)
I enjoyed reading that.

I've had this open since last night, and am thinking about what LiveJournal brought to me.

I was an overworked, overtired young wife when I started posting. Jason wasn't working, I was exhausted, and focused on things like Julianne's diapering habits (cloth only, thank you very much) and my dedication to my volunteer work.

Eventually, I collapsed and found support from LiveJournal, through people I'd known from my time on and catyak especially. I went through the disintegration of my marriage, I went through the sexual assault of my niece, I went through my own personal hell, and one of the few places I could chronicle it and get support was LiveJournal.

I met you doing support, and no one in my life has ever made me as happy as you do. LJ helped keep my sanity through 11 months of being away from you, and it's provided welcome support throughout the entire time.

I met acerbic through LiveJournal, and I love her to pieces.

I get a sort of support and validation through LiveJournal that I can't get anywhere else, and I'm glad I can get it here.

And most importantly, I got you. :kiss: Love you, my darling.

I was wondering about you the other day, so here I am.

You seem happy. I am glad for you.

- ErinMiran.

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